Leader Palencia stopped the streak of four consecutive victories of the motto. Despite the defeat against the fittest team in the LEB Goldwho in fact has only given in one game so far this season, the oranges had him on the ropes for three quarters and without the need to force Atoumane Diagne nor that the long-awaited return of Alex Hernandez, who did return to the call ten months after his serious knee injury but did not have the opportunity to play any minute. The people from A Coruña had plenty of the last quarter, in which, crazy with the referees, they left the plan drawn up by Diego Epifanio. Another time that the A Coruña team yields to one of those above, from whom it seems that a step separates them. Next week he will have another chance against Burgos In what will be the closing of the first round, although in reality the Castilian Leonese mega project is behind in the table.

The motto dominated the first three quarters, especially the first two. His purpose was cut the rhythm of Palencia. He did it with long possessions, without haste, and varying the defenses so that the locals had to think more and run less. The group from A Coruña was against the ropes at 8-3. But it was a fictitious marker, fattened by the foreign success of Devin Schmidt. From that moment until the horn of the first quarter the partial was 8-16. Undoubtedly tinged with orange, as in the second, in which Alex Font he excelled with three triples and the visitor’s advantage surpassed the ten-point barrier (25-36). At the worst moment in Palencia, Schmidt replied with another three triples that brought the leader closer (37-40) but a new arreón before the break kept the lead (39-48).

The script followed very similar. Palencia He was more aggressive and Schmidt, with his seventh triple, was dangerously close to him (55-57). Then he was excluded after a technique and the sky opened up for him. motto. However, the opposite of what was expected happened. At the end of the third quarter they were already level (63-63) and at the beginning of the last, with the oranges in bonus in less than three minutes, the leader took a lead (69-67) that he never gave up again, with Wintering Assuming the leading role in attack and Kostadinov, the defensive while Leyma was lost in protests (the referees even changed the decision of a personal one to Font when he had already made one of the two free throws) and techniques and clung to the triples. Four entered. Insufficient.


Zander Palencia (16+23+24+26): Alec Wintering (23), Chumi Ortega (9), Devin Schmidt (23), Tanner Mc Grew (4) and Jonathan Kasibabu (6) —starting five—. Davis Rozitis (2), Germán Martínez (3), Manu Rodríguez (8), Mathieu Kamba (2) and Konstantin Kostadinov (9).

Leyma Coruña (19+29+15+19): Goran Filipovic (13), Yunio Barrueta (7), Olle Lundqvist (13), Javi Vega (6) and Lottana Nwogbo (9) —starting five—. Ingus Jakovics (3), Alejandro Galán (2), Aleix Font (21) and Djordje Simeunovic (8).

Referees: Bravo, Checa and Tailor. They eliminated Devin Schmidt and Aleix Font for five personal fouls.

Court: Municipality of Palencia.



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