Success of the Indoor 3D Competition

This indoor 3D tournament was all friendly, with self-arbitration freely accepted. Good humor, in a warm atmosphere, presided over the course of the tests, which began around 9 a.m. and ended at the end of the afternoon with the awarding of prizes to the winners.

Each competitor shot, on each of the 20 targets, two arrows which could bring a maximum of 22 points. And as each one completed two courses, it is a total of 880 points that the best could obtain at the end of the tests. In that game, 8 archers exceeded 600 points, the best performance of the day being Régis Monteron (free bow) from La Lande-de-Fronsac obtaining a total of 758 points.

At the end of the day, the President Patrick Borde drew the happy conclusions of this very pleasant sporting day with the shared pot of Friendship


ARC NU – Chicks ladies, M. de Croon (Arsac); Male chicks, N. Utréra (Arsac); Benjamins D., G. Serfati (Blanquefort); Benjamins H., S. Dan Cressini (Arsac); Minimes H., I. Chartrain (Arsac); Cadets, O. Marchal (Castelnau); Seniors D., S. Prat (LaLande); Seniors H., M. Legay (Blanquefort)

RIGHT ARC – Juniors H., S. Lafiton (Agnac); Seniors D., V. Rodes (Sainte-Bazeille); Seniors H., JL Mora (Dax)

FREE ARC – Seniors H., R; Monteron (La Lande);

ARC CHASSE – Seniors D., M. Bousseau (Saint Laurent de Médoc); Seniors H., Ch. Lacrotte (Castelnau-de-Médoc);

COMPOUND BOW – Seniors H., T. Dolignon (Blanquefort)

George Cesaire



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