Strong Country History·Youth talks about our TOP life|Olympic champion Tong Wen talks about her retirement life

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[Strength of the Country·Youth talks about our TOP life|Olympic champion Tong Wen talks about her retired life]When you are lost in your youth, what are you thinking? Do you give up your dreams and go with the flow? Or stick to ideals and surpass yourself? There is such a person who gave us the answer. She is Tong Wen, the world judo champion. She builds and realizes her dreams in her sports career, and uses her vigorous life force to light up her youth in voluntary service. As the protagonist of the first short video of “Strengthening the Nation·Youth Talk—Our TOP Life”, from the Olympic champion Tong Wen, to Tong Wen, Secretary and Director of the Party Branch of Tianjin Weightlifting, Wrestling, Judo, Boxing and Taekwondo Sports Management Center, to Boai Tongxin Volunteering Team leader Tong Wen, the change of identity is just the change of her role on different occasions, but what remains unchanged is Tong Wen’s infinite love for career and infinite yearning and pursuit of volunteer dedication! She used her Olympic spirit to light up the growth dreams of young team members; she used her personal experience to be selfless…




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