Spring Senbatsu High School Baseball Aichi/Toho and Gifu/Ogaki Nihon Univ.

Spring Senbatsu High School Baseball, which will be the 95th anniversary tournament, will start in March. Toho High School in Aichi and Ogaki Nichidai High School in Gifu were selected from the three prefectures of the Tokai region, aiming for a record sixth victory.

Toho Nine from Aichi gathered in the school classroom. As I watched with bated breath, I was shown a live broadcast where the participating schools were announced.

After 3:50 p.m., the time came.

“Tokai area is Toho high school”

The 31st participation was decided for the first time in four years, and the marching band club also rushed to congratulate them.

[Watch the video]Spring Senbatsu High School Baseball Aichi/Toho and Gifu/Ogaki Nihon Univ.

Director Yamada of Toho High School:
“First of all, I think I’ve cleared one goal, but this is not the goal, so let’s do our best again from scratch to win the national championship.”

The core of the team is Akira Ishikawa, the younger brother of Kouya Ishikawa of the Chunichi Dragons and captain. As No. 4, he will lead the team while serving as the main axis of the batting lineup.

The last time they won the championship was in 2019, four years ago when their older brother, Kouya, was the captain, and they are aiming for a record sixth victory this time.

Captain Eiki Ishikawa:
“We aim to win the national championship every year, so we have a chance to do so, so we want to aim for the national championship.”

The other team is Ogaki Nichidai High School in Gifu, which is led by Keizo Sakaguchi, a famous coach who has been coaching at Toho High School for a long time.

We are proud of our three different types of pitchers, centered on ace pitcher Keita Yamada, whose fastest speed is 143 kilometers per hour. We aim to be the best in Japan with a solid defense centered on infielders.

Pitcher Keita Yamada:
“I am aware that I am the ace player this year, so I hope I can lead the team.



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