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famous canadian rapper who in recent years has earned the title of ‘salty’ for his erroneous sports betting, was finally able to free himself from his own curse and last Sunday he won more than 2 million dollars, thanks to the triumph of the Kansas City Chiefs, who defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 to win the final of the American Conference of the and thus qualify for the Super Bowl, where on February 12 they will face the Philadelphia Eagles.

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On Saturday night, Drake posted his fabulous bet in an Instagram story. He risked 1 million 100 thousand dollars for the victory of the Chiefs, who paid 1.87. The jokes immediately arrived and many even began to bet on the Bengals to counter the “curse” of the singer.

“Great Sunday. Let’s go buy something nice for mom, ”wrote the Canadian on his networks. Kansas City, led by its star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, was a favorite, but Joe Burrow’s Bengals had already ruined the party for him in the same instance last year.

However, on Sunday, in a disputed match, doubts were dispelled and the Chiefs gave joy to their fans and also to Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham, who will surely receive a great gift from her son, after he charged 2 million 57 thousand dollars for the bet.

He took more than 2 million dollars with a single game.


Drake usually makes big bets that he shares on social networks and, although he often wins, it is always his losses that remain in people’s memories. Last year he bet $833,000 on a combination of Barcelona wins over Real Madrid and Arsenal over Leeds United. And although the ‘gunners’ did not fail and beat Leeds 1-0 at home, the ‘merengues’ ruined their day with a resounding 3-1 win over Real Madrid.

During the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he also made news by betting $1 million on Argentina’s victory over France in the final. The bad thing is that he did it in the 1-2 market, in which extra time or penalties don’t count, so he ended up losing that money.

The same has happened to him in the UFC, where he lost betting on Israel Adesanya in his loss to Brazilian Alex Pereira.

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But his curse goes beyond betting, as several athletes who met with Drake before an important commitment bit the dust of defeat.

Some of Drake’s well-known victims include Sergio ‘El Kun’ Agüero, Conor McGregor, Paul Pogba, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and boxer Anthony Joshua.





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