“Sporting is surely the club that has marked me the most in my entire career”

A whole character like that of isma lopez (Pamplona, ​​Navarra, 32 years old) is only moved by the desire to compete. A few months ago, he decided to hang up his boots. But not soccer. Because the former Sporting –and Racing– player will continue to be linked to the ball. But in another way. He will no longer run on the left flank. But he will go to the other side.

Will it be in El Sardinero?

-Yes. I will go.

-Who are you going with?

–These questions do not carry anything good (laughs). But Sporting is surely the team that has marked me the most in my career.

-How are you?

-Well, the truth is that well. In the summer I made the decision: I decided to stop playing. I wanted to focus on other things. In these months I was deciding what to do. In the end I have trained in several things. I did not know if I wanted to continue linked to football. In case of continuing, I did not know which way to continue. I have given myself a few months of reflection. I needed a little time for me and my wife.

-And you already have it clear?

-Yes. I have already committed myself, but there is no official communication yet… I prefer to wait.

–Nothing from Sporting?

– (Laughter). Nerd. Not for the moment. Hopefully he will appear again in my life, but when he is well prepared. For this I always try to do things well: when I wasn’t comfortable I left, when I thought my cycle was over I also left… Now what I don’t want is to take advantage of any previous situation to enter a site. I prefer to go little by little, and if it has to come, I would love it.

– Do you go to the benches?

–I have the title of coach, but in the world of football in a broader field. I am enrolled in the sports management course of the Spanish Federation, which begins in February.

–How do you see Abelardo?

–With me it was a time when he brought performance to the squad. But each stage has some “timings”. I’m not that close to know more. Now there are rumors… But at the time he managed to take advantage of the squad.

-A new owner has arrived.

–But it is too soon to know if the change of ownership is for the better or for the worse. Orlegi is a group that has arrived with enthusiasm, which has set short, medium and long-term objectives.

–Do you think you sometimes overestimate the level of Dizziness?

–Mareo has always been a source of good players, but you have to create a positive scenario for the people who make their debut to have continuity. Sometimes the clubs only give hands to the quarry in difficult moments, as happened in our time: due to sanctions, it was passed to youth players, who responded. But that is not the correct way. They have to rise from tranquility. Debuting does not mean that you make a career. Now everything is equalizing. Sometimes we want to remain anchored in the past and to think that the clubs that are benchmarks in the youth ranks have to continue to be so and they don’t have to. But Sporting usually has two or three players from each group who make it to professional football.



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