Sport, tourism, environment, infrastructure: towards the Olympics, the plan for the development of the Piné plateau

Baselga di Pinè – A shared commitment between the partners involved, the Autonomous Province of Trentoil Conilocal governments starting naturally from Commune of Baselga di Piné. To seize this moment – that of a choice of “responsibility and seriousness” which underlies the renunciation of coverage of the Oval due to excessively soaring costs – as the start of a new path, an opportunity for growth of the whole territory of the Piné plateau and the surrounding area. It is the message of the president of the Province Maurizio Fugattiwho together with the provincial councilor for sport and tourism Roberto Failoni, while understanding the disappointment felt by the decision, took stock of the situation in front of the community. With him, in addition to councilor Failoni, the president of Coni Giovanni Malagòthe mayor of Baselga Alexander Sanctuariesthe president of the Ice Federation, Andrea Gios and the number one of the Italian Archery Federation Mario Scarzelladuring the meeting hosted in the exhibition hall of the Piné 1000 congress center.

We are here to take stock of a not easy decision, which concerns all of Trentino and in particular Baselga di Piné. To build the Oval, the coverage of the Ice Rink as requested by the IOC and the international federations, the current cost is between 70 and 75 million, according to the latest updates. There would be time but the issue of costs is there for all to see. Hence the reason for a choice of seriousness, responsibility and I would add rationality. The Province is here to make specific commitments to the community. Those 50.5 million budgeted for the work and also confirmed in the November meeting will be made available to the territory: 29.5 million for the sporting part, to redevelop the Baselga ice structures, according to the sporting equipment, technological and innovative as possible. The other 21 million will be used in agreement with the Municipality for interventions on the Piné plateau and in the neighboring territories, with a view to developing this area on a tourist, commercial, economic and environmental level, with attention also to the theme of lakes, for the next 20 years”. Thus Fugatti who quoted precisely on this subject the resolution adopted this morning by the Giunta and who, with regard to infrastructures, also spoke of the further project for a cycle path connection on the Pergine Valsugana, Piné, Cembra, Fiemme and Fassa routes, on which there it is a political commitment of the Giunta discussed with the territories involved even if the resources have not yet been allocated.

Malagò, who spoke together with the presidents of the Gios and Scarzella federations, spoke of the path that led to the 2026 Olympic candidacy and the subsequent steps and cited other experiences, such as that of Tokyo, in which the competition venues were moved compared to forecasts originating. He also underlined the attention paid at an international level to the issue of infrastructure costs and sustainability.

The president of Coni also spoke of the possible candidacy of Piné, in a collaboration between Trentino and Lombardy, as the venue for the 2028 Winter Youth Olympics. Then there are, he explained, the other actions to consolidate Baselga and the plateau in the field of preparation of athletes and for major international sporting events, possible confirmation as a federal center of the Italian Ice Sports Federation and investment in archery facilities.

Andrea Gios intervened on the possible renovation works of the existing plant which could represent a sustainable and usable solution even at the highest levels.

Mario Scarzella expressed himself favorably with respect to the possibility of a multi-purpose facility also useful for archery activities.

Councilor Failoni spoke of the answer given on a sporting level but also from a social and tourist point of view in agreement with the municipal administration.

The mayor of Baselga di Pinè Alessandro Santuari recalled the work done to find a solution and to leave positive investments in the area. He recalled that among the resources for the territory there will be interventions for the lake area, for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, revitalization and redevelopment works.



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