Spar Girona scores an important victory in Miskolc (56-74)

The end of the regular phase of the Euroleague is getting closer and closer and, after the last defeat in Sopron, the victory was an imperative act for thespar girona if he wanted to keep his quarterback options alive. Even more if we consider that both teams are direct rivals and were tied in number of wins and losses in the classification. Said and done. Girona won on a complicated track, dominating the match from start to finish and overcoming the losses of Binta Drammeh i Giedre Labuckienand to seal a victory that may be providential to be in the top four of Group B.

Girona have not been pampered after the absence announced at the last hour of Binta Drammeh and have taken the initiative thanks to the mobility of Brittney Sykes, Shay Murphy i Rebekah Gardner. Leave due to injury Giedre Labuckienehowever, has forced to Marianna Tolo i a Maria Araújo to multiply under the hoop to avoid the dominance of Cheridene Green. The Hungarians have suffered the injury of their top scorer, Arella Guirantesand Bernat Canut’s players took advantage of this to place the maximum difference in the score (8-16) where the defensive level ofIrati Etxarri.

Rebekah Gardner -who seems fully recovered from her injury- she made her defender fly to boost a partial 0-4 that stretched the score even further (12-25). Peter Volgyi he didn’t know where to stand seeing the horchata running through the veins of his players. After three consecutive losses, the coach of the DVTK stopped the match to alleviate the defeat (15-30). The Hungarians reacted, but the Catalans managed their points cushion with wisdom thanks to their dominance of the rebound and the improvement in the percentage of outside shots (36%) to leave dominating the scoreboard at the break.

The players of Bernat Canut and Laura Antoja they didn’t slow down and continued their scoring pace in the third quarter. The team has placed the maximum difference (+16) from the hand of laia flores after an unsportsmanlike act. In the last ten minutes, Girona had the match where they wanted (44-58) and with very good chances of winning theaverage with the Hungarian team (which won the first leg in Fontajau 58-64).

An 8-2 run at the start of the last quarter fueled by Kanyasi i Green has forced to Bernard Canute to react The premises have been placed at eight, however Marianna Tolo has appeared to impose its annotating reliability and Maria Araújo made a three-pointer that allowed the Hungarians to return to the partial (0-9). The success of the Catalan women has stretched the difference to twenty points (52-72) and the Hungarians have been completely knocked out by Catalan assertiveness. thespar girona takes a hard-fought victory in Hungary which, with two games to spare (Çukurova and Perfumes) can be providential for the options to qualify for the quarters.



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