SO Archery is doing well

The AG of SO. Archery was held a few days ago at the Maison des Associations.

Detailed club rosters. The number of licensees increased from 42 in 2021 to 48 in 2022, an increase of 14%. The male/female split is 62% to 38%.

The goal set at 30% of women made redundant has therefore been achieved. The shooting school welcomed 15 children from chicks to juniors. The club’s archers took part in 21 competitions, including 2 indoors, 11 in natural shooting and 8 in 3D shooting. In Nature shooting, at the Regional Championship which took place in Laurens (34) where Christina Moreau won 1 gold medal, Bernadette Frenet and Stéphane Durrieux 2 silver medals, 1 bronze medal for Pierre Thomas. In 3D shooting in Peyrole (81), Nanou Frenet brings back the gold. She also obtained a beautiful bronze medal at the French Nature Shooting Championship in Bonneval (Eure-et-Loir).

The financial situation for its part, of which each budget line is dissected and explained by the treasurer to the assembly, is healthy and comfortable. The activity and financial reports do not call for any particular remarks or questions. They are approved unanimously. In his moral report, the president explains that the 2021/2022 sports season has seen an almost normal resumption of activities.

The new season that is starting is tinged with hope with the end of the covid restrictions, but also with concerns with the energy crisis and galloping inflation which are likely to have a strong impact on the club. Archery equipment has already increased quite a bit. Travel should be optimized as much as possible in order to strain the club’s finances as little as possible. Although the club’s financial situation is healthy and under control, it is to be feared that the inflationary situation will create a budgetary imbalance. However, the office has decided unanimously to block the price of licenses for this season again. Before concluding this moral report, the president renewed his thanks to the municipality for its logistical and financial support, to the presidents of the WHO and the ALS for all that is done for the benefit of the Séméac clubs.

Mr. Gérard Biran, president of the WHO and representative of the deputy mayor in charge of sport, took the floor and noted that although the results expected at the France Nature Championship are not those hoped for, the club obtains deserved successes . He congratulates the club for its financial management and the healthy situation of the accounts makes it possible to see the future with serenity.

At the end of this ordinary AG, the participants shared a moment of conviviality.



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