Side Effects of Supplements Cause Mihajlovic and Vialli’s Death?


Former Italian player Dino Baggio speculated about the deaths of Sinisa Mihajlovic and Gianluca Vialli. According to him this is related to side effects of supplements.

Mihajlovic died on December 16, 2022. The former Lazio and Inter Milan died at the age of 53 due to leukemia.

Three weeks later, on January 6, 2023, Vialli breathed his last. The Sampdoria and Juventus legend died at the age of 58 due to pancreatic cancer.

The deaths of the two Serie A footballers in the 1990s caused grief in Italian football, as well as the clubs that had defended Sinisa Mihajlovic and Gianluca Vialli. One of those who was devastated by the sad news was Dino Baggio.

The ex-Juventus and Parma who also had careers in the 1990s claimed that the deaths of Mihajlovic and Vialli were related to the lives of footballers at that time. Baggio blamed the consumption of “supplements” and drugs consumed by footballers to recover from injuries.

“Imagine if doctors could give us doping substances: we do checkups every three or four days… No, I just want to know from scientists if the (legal) supplements we are taking can, in the long term, cause problems in the body,” Baggio told Gazzetta dello Sport.

Sinisa Mihajlovic passes away. (Photo: DeFodi Images via Getty Images/DeFodi Images)

“My reasons are based on the sadness I feel for the loss of Vialli, whom I have always considered a friend and who helped me a lot, Mihajlovic and other boys who, like me, played football in the 90s,” added Baggio, who played with Vialli at Juventus and Mihajlovic at Lazio.

“I think we should investigate the pharmacological substances that were taken at that time. I want science to give us answers about the drugs we receive to heal from injuries, or restore energy,” Dino Baggio said.

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