Shot at home: then the escape on the highway. Four to trial for theft – Onda Tv

SULMONA – They had burglarized a house in Sulmona and were preparing to return home at high speed, but in the municipal area of ​​Cassino they were stopped and arrested at the end of a daring chase. The four Slavs, residing in the Neapolitan area and brought to justice on 15 December 2017, appeared yesterday before the single judge of the Court of Sulmona, Francesca Pinacchio, for the first hearing of the criminal trial which sees them in the stand for the hypothesis of the crime of aggravated theft in competition. The reconstruction of the episode revealed that, near km 650+000, the southern carriageway of the A/1 Autostrada del Sole, the agents of the Cassino Road Police Subsection had noticed a car arriving at high speed. They decided to proceed with the check but the driver, regardless of the stop, did not stop the march and accelerated suddenly. A real chase ensued. Between guards and thieves, the first ones prevailed who managed to block the criminals near the Cassino exit heading south. On board there were the driver and 4 passengers, all of Slavic origin, residing between Naples and Caserta, tools suitable for burglary, hats baseball cap and latex gloves, inside one of which various jewels, presumably in gold, were found. The investigations carried out revealed that the car had entered the motorway on the A25, Pratola Peligna station, and that a home burglary had occurred in Sulmona at a time compatible with the car entering the motorway. Through the joint operation with the Carabinieri of the Nucleo Radiomobile of the Sulmona company, who were dealing with the theft, it was discovered that the thieves had removed various gold jewels corresponding exactly to those found, for which the five were arrested for aggravated theft , while the stolen goods returned to the owner’s hands. For four of the five (one position has been removed) comes the bill of justice.




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