She studies Nutrition, is a figure of street basketball and became the first winner of the Olimpia de Plata Universitario

Micaela González is 26 years old and represents the National Team in the 3X3 modality.

For the first time in history, the Olimpia de Plata award for university sports and the winner is a basketball player who represents the University of La Matanza (UNLaM): Micaela Gonzalezwho is 26 years old and is one of the top figures of national street basketballalso know as Street Basket.

Micaela prevailed in the university shortlist against Juan Cruz Martínez (basketball player, also from UNLaM) and against Victoria Pozzo Galdón, who represents the National University of San Martín in Beach Volleyball.

Having won the Olimpia is a huge pride, because I come from a humble family and having recognition like this, after so many years of effort and journey, is extremely important”, explains the protagonist of this note.

Micaela González, one of the best street basketball players, proudly poses with her Silver Olimpia.

The basketball player is currently studying Nutrition at UNLaM, benefited from a program called “Double Career” which promotes the development of sports while students are studying their degree courses.

“I have participated in many university tournaments, even when sport was not supported in this area: for me having won this Olympia is very important for people to understand that sport and education can go hand in hand and to continue to support the dual career,” stresses Gonzalez.

Several times in the Selection

Within the framework of her studies at the University, Micaela was able to develop as an athlete and Her good level led her to be summoned several times to the Argentine university teamwho competes in the three-player modality and with whom he played the University World Cup 2019 in Napoli, Italythe Pan American held in the same year in Maceió, Brazil, and the Pan American Games in Mérida, Mexico, which took place last year.

Micaela González with her boyfriend Lautaro Bravo at the Pan American in Mérida, Mexico, in 2019.

Micaela González with her boyfriend Lautaro Bravo at the Pan American in Mérida, Mexico, in 2019.

In Mexico, the player was lucky enough to coincide with her boyfriend, Lautaro Bravo, who represented the men’s university team. Both also share their passion for street basketball and created a Tik-Tok called “La Pareja del Street”, in which they upload their videos competing on courts in the Buenos Aires suburbs, such as Merlo’s Carboneraand also in one known as “La Copita” that has a Manu Ginóbili shirt in the central circle and is in Saavedra.

A fact to keep in mind: in the modality Street Basket men can play against women against each other, and in the matches there is a real clash of play stylestaking into account that it is a format that alludes to what could be called an “urban pasture”.

La Carbonera de Merlo is a field where I came out champion from a big tournament organized by a friend of mine: there you can see many talented basketball artists. Going to play at Merlo is spicy, all the players always have to put their team on their shouldersbecause it’s very difficult to play on that court”, explains the player.

Micaela González, playing a Street Basket tournament against men.  Photo: @333.PH

Micaela González, playing a Street Basket tournament against men. Photo: @333.PH

In addition to playing in the street mode, Micaela also plays in the traditional basketball format.: She was competing three years in a row for Los Indios de Moreno and then she went to Ferro Carril Oeste, a very traditional club in the environment where she is currently playing in the National Women’s League.

“At present, due to the National League so dormant, I haven’t been spending so much time on Street, because of my commitment to the team: if I get injured, I’m not only harming myself, but also a team and the coaching staff: It is disrespectful and I would not like another colleague to do it. I am aware that if I play Street I can get injured, but it’s something I’ve done since I was little so I know what I’m exposing myself to and how to do it”, details the UNLaM student.

Finally, it should be noted that Micaela plays for the 3×3 national team, for the 3×3 university team and in 5 vs. 5 in the traditional modality: “I already fulfilled my greatest dream, which was to wear the national jersey in the three-player modality, for me there is no greater pride than wearing the Argentine jerseys with my last name on the back to my house” , closes Micaela.



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