She is an NFL cheerleader and revealed how she prepares before a game

Mika is a young woman who works as a cheerleader for the National Football League (NFL for its acronym in English). From a very young age, animation has been a part of her life, first as a hobby and now as a formal job. On her social networks, she reveals all the details, including her routines. Among what her followers want to know the most is everything she does before a game, so this time she shared each step of the preparation.

The American resides in Indianapolis, from where he joined the ranks of the Colts Cheerleaders agency. In addition, he trains every day to be in shape in the presentations, because being a cheerleader had always been her dream. His career is described in his TikTok account @mika2864where he addresses his occupation as the central theme of several videos.

At a more specific point, this time he moved away from the field a bit to show what is there far beyond what the public witnesses. Through a recent clip, she showed that not everything is as it seems: cheerleaders don’t practice their routines all dayThey also have other activities.

This is how an NFL cheerleader prepares

The first thing Mika did was visit a pumpkin patch with her boyfriend. She then went to a pet store to check out some puppies and capped off her tour with a trip to a makeup shop to pick up some false eyelashes. Before her office, she prioritizes quality time with her loved ones, she said.

Arriving at her house, yes, she goes into ‘cheerleader mode’ and start with your physical training. He takes his two dogs for a walk and then stops by the gym for a bit to do some stretching. Afterwards, he takes a shower And goes to bed.

Mika told her followers that there are some essentials for a cheerleader. Among them is her uniform, some changes of clothes, comfortable shoes and makeup. so as not to forget anythingall that left in the suitcase from a day before, so game day just grab your bag and head to the stadium as fast as possible. The influencer explained that goes to bed before 9:00 p.m., in order to get enough rest.

The cheerleader has been combing her hair since the night before to go out to the game first thing in the morning
The cheerleader has been combing her hair since the night before to go out to the game first thing in the morning@mika2864/TikTok

In accordance with Climbt, a platform that compares data from different trades, there are several requirements that an NFL cheerleader must meet. Among them is The education, since most have at least a secondary or tertiary degree. In more specific cases, they also do a university degree. The most common are usually in business, communications and English.

Also, The average salary of an NFL cheerleader varies based on several factors., such as the team, level of experience or city in which you reside. Depending on the platform, the average would be as follows:




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