School Sports continues its course with a weekend full of activities

Albacete, Liétor, Ontur and Tobarra hosted the different school competitions in the modalities of athletics, chess, orienteering and badminton

Orienteering, athletics, badminton and chess were the four disciplines that featured in the weekend’s activity in the 2022/2023 School Sports Calendar organized by the Provincial Council of Albacete, under the agreement signed with the General Directorate of Sports of the Board of Communities of Castilla-La Mancha.

Liétor hosted the first test of the 2023 Provincial Orienteering Circuit, with 350 runners in this municipality in the Sierra del Segura region. The network of streets from Arab times did not disappoint and thanks to the local designer, Elena Navarro, the routes were very entertaining, combined with a physical demand caused by the unevenness of the urban area. The Liétor City Council and the organizing club, BMT Casas de Ves, turned to the test so that everything was a success. The next test of the Provincial Orienteering Circuit will be in Cenizate on March 5, also organized by the BMT Casas de Ves club.

Athletics Winter Championships

The Athletics Tracks of Albacete hosted the provincial day of the Winter Athletics Championship for School-Age Sports, thanks to the collaboration of the Castilla-La Mancha Athletics Federation and the support of the Albacete City Council, through the Municipal Institute of Sports.

In this competition, events of 60 meter dash, 400 meter, 1,000 meter, 1,500 meter, 60 meter hurdles, high jump, long jump and shot put were held, both for the male and female categories. The boys also participated in the hexathlon test, while in girls there were tests of 600 meters, 800 meters and pentathlon.

Chess in Albacete

The Chess Championship continues its course with the celebration of rounds 4, 5 and 6 of the Local Phase of Albacete. More than 230 schoolchildren participated in this School Age Sport competition, in a test organized thanks to the collaboration of the Castilla-La Mancha Chess Federation. The Initiation, Infant and Cadet categories were disputed.

Badminton in Ontur and Tobarra

This past weekend the Provincial Badminton Championship for School Ages also began, with the first test held in the towns of Ontur and Tobarra, thanks to the collaboration of the Castilla-La Mancha Badminton Federation and the support of the town halls. involved.

The Sub11 category was held in Ontur. In boys, Alejandro Rodríguez Molina (Albarena) was the champion, with Diego Alejandro Vizcaíno Acosta (Ontur) as second classified, in a final that registered a score of 15-11. Third place went to Guillermo Gil Lencina (Higueruela). In the girls, Tania García Romanova (Albarena) defeated Mariela Martínez Hernández (Ontur) in the final, 15-6. Noemí García Martínez (Albarena) was third.

Tobarra hosted the Sub13 category, with the victory of Ismael Álvarez López (Lezuza), 21-5 in a final against Samuel González Zamora (Lezuza). Third finished Pablo Ballesteros Berjaga (Albarena). In women, Marina Simarro Rubio (Albarena) won, who beat Alejandra Horcajada Sánchez (Albarena) 21-7. Third place went to Sara Mora Martínez (Hellín).

The Sub15 category was held in Ontur, where Pedro Tortosa Canon (Higueruela) was the winner, defeating Francisco Correoso García (Higueruela) 21-19. Jorge Cuevas Tortosa (Albarena) was third. In girls, the champion was Lucía Barbero Yeste (Badminton Albacete), with a clear 21-2 victory against Estela Díaz López (El Bonillo). Nadia Henic Carrión (Hellín) was third.

Finally, the Sub17 category was in Tobarra, with a victory for Pascual Gómez López (Aguas Nuevas) against Manuel Flores Vigara (El Bonillo), by 21-16. Pablo Sánchez Gómez (Alpera) was third. In women, Amparo Eugenia Gómez Rodríguez (Aguas Nuevas) won, who beat Lucía Marqueño Jiménez (Albarena) 21-12. Celia Garrigós Arteseros (Albarena) completed the podium.

This 2022/2023 School Sports Calendar will continue next weekend with judo in Albacete, table tennis in La Roda, Duathlon in San Pedro and chess in Albacete



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