School harassment: the Molay-Littry college takes part in a national competition

Bertrand Pichereau, principal and Alexis Berthelot, supervisor, of the Molystrian college, present the film made on “Harassment”. ©The Renaissance

Since September, 16 students (from 6th, 5th and 4th), from the College de la Mine in Molay-Littry (Calvados), under the supervision of Alexis Berthelot, supervisor, produced a two minute video in order to prevent bullying.

Raising awareness of school bullying

“The film denounces physical and moral harassment, but also cyberbullying,” explains Alexis.

He adds: “The college registered and deposited its visual production.

This mini movie is made “College of the Mine” : the actors, the infrastructures used, but also the soundtrack produced by Stéphane Moussel, music teacher and played on the piano by a schoolgirl. The voiceover is provided by the pianist.

An academic jury will select the best project of each age group, each category, for the national jury. “The film will be shown to other students to make them aware of bullying,” said Bertrand Pichereau, principal.

Some bullies do not realize their actions. They tease, but it can get bigger.

Bertrand Pichereau

This film could be used by National Education, but also by television.

PHARE program

The college is very invested in the fight against bullying. Since this year, he has been involved in the PHARE program (prevention of harassment for schools and colleges).

Videos: currently on Actu

Some members of staff, teachers, school life or even the nurse are ambassadors trained to deal with this type of situation.

They are Camille Hennebique, educational adviser, Ariane Prud’Homme, Cécile Nourry, teachers, Marielle Michaluszko, nurse and Alexis Berthelot. “We are going to train student ambassadors who will have a different role than mediators for harassment”, informs the principal.

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