San Pablo Burgos signs a second half to be forgotten and falls to Leyma Coruña

Nwogbo tries to cut off a pass from Van Zegeren to Kacinas / Basketball A Coruña

Those of Curro Segura showed a good image in the first two quarters that hurt in the third and destroyed in a last quarter in which they conceded 38 points

Alexander Rodriguez

Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. That was a San Pablo Burgos who showed the best version of him during the first two quarters and the worst in the other two in a second half to be forgotten at the Palacio de los Deportes de Riazor. Leyma Coruña Básquet went from less to more in the game and ended up running over a disoriented team from Burgos.

‘Epi’ hit the key to dismantle the good image of the Castilians seen until the break and transformed the Galician team. The team from Burgos lowered the intensity after the restart and was the victim of a gale led by Nwogbo and Aleix Font who scored more points (38) in the last quarter than in the entire first two (36).

The match began as expected, with equality as the dominant note on the floor of the Palacio de los Deportes de Riazor. Those from Curro Segura started the clash by closing in defense, a facet that tries to improve the team from Burgos to restrict the rivals’ scoring.

For their part, the people from A Coruña led by Filipovic and with former azulón Javi Vega as a beacon under the basket, monopolized possession of the ball against a San Pablo team that struck first from the 6.75 line with the success of Kacinas.

Once the score was opened, the Castilians were encouraged to look towards the hoop and, with aim, added a serious 5-10 run in the first five minutes to gain confidence in the game.

Those of Diego Epifanio ‘Epi’ were not far behind and reacted thanks to the Galician ’10’ and Nwogbo, who became protagonists in the painting. The dynamics leaned towards the A Coruña team thanks to the decline in the good initial defensive intensity of the Burgos, who took advantage of steals and free kicks to maintain their scoring rhythm.

Leyma Coruña

Isern Maza, I. Jakovics (10), G. Filipovic (8), K. Lundqvist (4), Javi Vega (15), A. Diagne (5), A. Font (13), Y. Barrueta (11) , L. Nwogbo (18), A. Hernández (4), D. Simeunovic (5) and A. Galán (2)

Saint Paul Burgos

O. Enechionyia (6), R. San Miguel (9), Van Zegeren (9), Kacinas (12), A. Barrera (9), A. Lopez (13), C. Hermanson, Mahalbasic (5), M Norelia (10) and L. Rupnik (8)

  • partial
    16-22; 20-27; 21-14; 38-18

  • Referees
    M. Cañigueral Novella, A. Langa de Martin and JM Arresa Quintero

Quick transitions then became Sao Paulo’s best weapon to combat the rival’s good moment, which despite being better in the match, could not reverse the visitor’s advantage due to their lack of continuity in scoring.

The Castilian team took advantage of this facet to turn the tables and better finish a first quarter dominated by Curro Segura’s men despite the minutes of confusion that allowed Coruña to get closer (16-22).

San Pablo Burgos came out much better in the second quarter. Two minutes were enough for the Spaniards to overwhelm ‘Epi’s’ men, who entered the parquet erratically, to double the advantage in the electronic game.

With a high level of defense, the visitors dried up the offensive production of the locals, who could not find the hoop. It took Coruña more than six minutes to open his account.

It was Álex Hernández who, after reappearing after tearing his cruciate ligament nine months ago, added three for the Galicians after a few minutes in which San Pablo Burgos liked each other on the track to put the plus 20 on the scoreboard (21-41 ).

The triple of ’30’ started the local response, which added a 7-0 run in just one minute to get back into the game and, incidentally, stop the scoring facility of Burgos.

The balance returned to the clash at the end of the break with the defensive improvement of the Galicians and those of Curros Segura lowering the revolutions that they had exhibited throughout the period, a decrease in dynamism that resulted in a drought in electronics.

Kacinas, who also started the count, shot the Burgos again from the triple with a minute to go before the break and woke up the visitors. Another plus three from the Lithuanian -which accounted for 3/4- extended the advantage with which the azulones headed for the changing rooms by thirteen points.

Disconnection in the third quarter

The third quarter began with Filipovic, who had not appeared in the game in the first half, scoring a triple that reduced the distance in the count to the psychological barrier of ten points.

With another one just a minute later, the Galician ‘8’ certified his stellar appearance in the game, a reflection of a Coruña that came out much more plugged in than San Pablo Burgos at half-time.

Finding their place in the chaos, ‘Epi”s men baffled the azulones and drove the game crazy in the first four minutes after the restart. With more difficulties to spin plays, the locals took the reins of the game to try the comeback.

Nwogbo grew in the match at the same rate that the wrists grew cold in the shot from three for Curro Segura’s men. He tried to react to the visiting team but he was uncomfortable on the floor. However, the free throws and the low post saved a 12/7 run for the Galicians halfway through the third quarter (48-56).

The blue problems were reflected in Mahalbasic. The Austrian, who led the team so many times, was unhinged by the Coruña defense and hasty in the shooting decision.

With ‘Epi”s men without making a great fourth scorer but grown, the locals were getting closer on the scoreboard until they reduced Burgos’s advantage to seven points and put a 56-63 that, after what was seen in the ten minutes, seemed approachable in the last quarter.

Galician gale

San Pablo Burgos began the same as the previous one ended. Coruña continued to overflow the azulones in both phases of the game and continued on its way to the equalizer with a 6-0 run in a minute and a half.

The Galician gale was total and, after two minutes, they put themselves above those of Curro Segura in the electronic for the first time in the clash. Without a pulse, those of ‘Epi’ punished the people of Burgos in every action.

Curro Segura, after a technique from him and another from Álex López, stopped the match to try to revive a San Pablo team that looked four points behind in the count (72-68).

As usually happens in these situations, everything that didn’t work out for the Burgos were baskets from A Coruña, with a local ’24’ unleashed. Norelia alleviated a tragic 21-5 run and the ’15’ azulón put up three more to respond to Jakovics’ previous three-pointer (84-73).

After 27 points in seven minutes and the referees deepening in despair from Burgos, the locals continued to widen the difference against a Burgos team missing in combat.

With 38 points scored in the last quarter -they had scored 36 in the entire first part of the match-, Coruña closed the eighth defeat of the season for San Pablo Burgos at the Palacio de los Deportes de Riazor.



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