SAN GIORGIO CANAVESE – Discipline, respect and lots of fun at the Yama-arashi Judo Club

SAN GEORGE CANAVESE – A combination of philosophy and technique in which discipline, respect and concentration prevail: this is how martial arts can be described, a set of personal attack and defense actions elaborated in antiquity in China, India, Japan and Korea, characterized by a strong doctrinal and spiritual connotation that leads to overcoming one’s weaknesses.

The goal of the Yama-arashi Judo Club Amateur Sports Association is precisely to promote these arts by organizing courses for children, teenagers and adults. Founded in 1968 in San Giusto Canavese under the guidance of maestro Angelo Anedda, now president of the company, the club has always welcomed the children and teenagers of San Giusto Canavese, in a serious and healthy environment, where they can find not only an outlet a diversion but also the possibility to make friends. Thanks to the leadership of maestro Anedda, the company has won several competitions over the years, including 9 Italian championships and 3 international ones.

Training takes place in the multipurpose hall in the Corteggio district, in San Giorgio Canavese, on Mondays and Thursdays from 18 to 20, under the guidance of master Marco Brucculeri, who carries forward the thought of the founder of this discipline, Jigoro Kano: Judo is not just about winning competitions but a means of using physical and mental energy in the most efficient way. An open-door lesson will be held on Saturday 28 January 2023 from 2.30 to 4.30 pm in which everyone can participate to learn about the discipline. For more information contact the number 3477122681



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