Roseto, Basketball wins with Luiss Roma 89 to 73

A practically perfect Sunday played by Liofilchem ​​who wins against Luiss Roma at the PalaMaggetti in Roseto degli Abruzzi with a result that scores 89-73. Victory arrived without two players of the caliber of Santiangeli and Mastroianni, and with the various Zampogna, Dincic, Morici and Di Emidio who trained with the dropper during the week (for the record, Pasqualin was missing on the other side). Strongly desired victory, an important impact from the start but above all a physical and mental level that made itself felt in a total way and that allowed Liofilchem ​​to climb to 11 victories in a row, second place grabbed with Luiss (with direct confrontation won) and minus two from Ruvo.

40 minutes played brilliantly by the blue-and-whites, throwing everything onto the pitch against Cesena, a lot of self-denial, a lot of spirit of sacrifice and then obviously in the offensive midfield the real orchestra: yet another performance with almost 90 points scored, with 54.5% from the field, 19 assists, plays of the highest level (including a buzzer from 20 meters by Morici) and a delirious audience. The latter authentic sixth man on the pitch, from start to finish, and who gave the long and right applause to the interpreters on the pitch.

Speaking of team statistics, on an individual level second game in a row with 23 points for Alfonso Zampogna, 5 3-pointers, 8 fouls suffered, 6 assists and 7 rebounds for a final rating of 38, 21 for the eternal Valerio Amoroso, with plays of higher level, Dincic also in double figures with 13 points; Morici the usual handyman, the trio under Fiusco-Seck-Natalini increasingly integrated into the mechanisms of coach Quaglia and final mention for Captain Di Emidio’s 100th presence in a white and blue tank top.

Game where Roseto put the arrow from 6: 20-13, then break of 9-0 at the beginning of the second period and 36-21 in an amen, to reach 55-27 at the break. Roma trying to get back into the third but Roseto launched an important paw every time, up to that of the definitive fourth period in which the guests no longer had the strength.

Next round Sunday February 5th: Liofilchem ​​will be on stage in Caserta, in another match with a high ranking flavor.

LIOFILCHEM ROSETO-LUISS ROMA 89-73 (27-21; 55-27; 72-45)

ROSE GARDEN: Fiusco 8, Bagpipes 23, Dincic 13, Morici 8, Seck 4, Amoroso 21, Di Emidio 7, Natalini 5 Coach: Quail.

LUISS ROMA: Murri 14, Perotti, Jovovic 6, Zini 3, Allodi 9, Fallucca 24, Busca ne, Invernizzi, Barbon 9, Tolino ne, Di Bonaventura 2, Legnini 6. Coach: Paccariè.

Shots from 2: Roseto 17/24, Rome 16/29.

3-pointers: Roseto 13/31, Rome 6/30.

Free throws: Roseto 16/20, Rome 8/12.

Rebounds: Roseto 31 (Amoroso-Zampogna 7), Roma 37 (Allodi 10)



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