Roosterse ends season with a draw against Smashing

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The last badminton match of the season ended in a draw for Roosterse. In Wijchen it became 4-4 against Smashing.

Roel Heynen

The double plays were split evenly between Smashing and Roosterse. Roosterse’s men took the victory in three sets. The women of Smashing only needed two sets. In the singles the points came for Roosterse from the men. Nico Hermans and Sander Prenen were the better of their opponents in two sets. Prenen did that against Limburger Teun Gootzen.

With the women, substitutes Nikki Pobezin and Daphne van den Berg played the singles, but they both lost big. Van den Berg lost to the Reuverse Leonie Rovers. In the mixed doubles it was another draw. Dorien Lups and Noah Jongen won in two sets for Roosterse. Nico Hermans was narrowly inferior to Smashing with the third substitute Beau Ritzen in three sets.

The season for Roosterse is hereby over. The team finishes second in the enforcement pool and will also play in the premier league next season.



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