Ronaldo scores two goals in test match against Messi and star-studded PSG / Diena

“Al Nassr” lost to PSG at home with 4:5 (2:2), Ronaldo scoring the first goal in the new team.

Messi scored a goal in the third minute after Neymar’s pass, to which Ronaldo answered in the 34th minute with an accurate kick from 11 meters, sending the ball into the upper right corner of the goal.

The penalty kick was earned by Ronaldo himself, when the visiting goalkeeper Keylor Navas hit the left cheek of the Portuguese with his hand.

In the 39th minute, the guests remained in the minority when defender Juan Bernat earned a red card.

However, the visitors took the lead in the 43rd minute after Kylian Mbappé’s pass, and Marquinhos scored.

In the third minute of the half-time compensation time, the ball hit by Neymar in the right corner from the 11-meter mark was caught by the home goalkeeper Mohammed El-Owais, but three minutes later, Ronaldo equalized the score, sending the ball into the goal after his own header from the right post of the goal.

Ronaldo left the field in the 61st minute, but Messi was replaced a minute later when the score was 4:3 in favor of the guests. Sergio Ramos scored after a pass by Mbappé, who was also substituted in the 62nd minute, Hyunsu Jang equalized the score in the 56th minute, and in the 60th minute, Mbappé made a 11-meter kick – 4:3 in favor of the visitors.

By the end of the match, in which Ronaldo and Messi played against each other for the last time in their careers, Igo Ekitaik scored the fifth goal for the guests, and Anderson Taliska recorded the final score.

68,000 fans watched the game at the King Fahd Stadium.



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