Roland-Garros – Margaux Rouvroy and Laurent Lokoli 1st in Race France #rolandgarros #destinationrolandgarros #fft #race

The FFT restart the program “Destination Roland-Garros” which allows the allocation of wild cards on merit to French players for the main tournament and the qualifications of the Parisian Grand Slam in 2023. Last year, Harmony Tan, Léolia Jeanjean, Manuel Guinard, Audrey Albié, Arthur Fils et Gregoire Barrere had benefited from it. The results are taken into account from this week for the men in Nouméa. Find the details of the rules below and the point as of January 23, 2023 after two tournaments played (Noumea et Petit-Bourg).

Laurent Lokoli after his cruel 1st round at the Australian Open

The “Race France” for ladies’ singles

[Classement provisoire (23/01) : 1. Rouvroy, 50 points 2. Lene, 30 points 3. Sarah Iliev, 13 points]

A final draw WC will be awarded to the first tricolor player of this “race” not integrating the final draw by her classification. Then a WC qualification will be awarded to the first tricolor player not integrating the final table or by the qualifications by WC or classification.

Race France will be played in the following tournaments:

Petit-Bourg W25 – week of January 16
Andrezieux-Boutheon W60 – week of January 23
Grenoble W60 – week of February 6
Mason W40 – week of February 20
Joué-lès-Tours W25 – week of February 27
Croissy-Beaubourg W60 – week of March 27
bald W40+H – week of April 24
Saint-Malo WTA125 – week of May 1
Cagnes sur mer W80 – week of May 8

Players must play at least three tournaments, their best three results will be taken into account. The calculation of points is identical to the WTA system, you will need at least 50 points for the draw WC and 20 points for the qualifying WC.

The “International Race” for Ladies’ Singles

A WC will be awarded to the French player best placed in the WTA Race ranking on Monday May 15, 2023 and who does not enter the table directly. A qualifying WC will also be awarded to the best ranked player in the WTA Race ranking who does not make it into the final draw or the qualifying draw by her ranking or by WC.

The “Race France” for men’s singles

[Classement provisoire (23/01) : 1. Lokoli, 60 points 2. Paire, 20 points 3. Blancaneaux, 9 points]

The rules are the same as for the checkers above.

Race France will be played during the following tournaments which are Challengers played on national territory:

Noumea 100 week of January 2
Quimper 125 – week of January 23
Cherbourg 75 – week of February 13
Pau 125 – week of February 27
Saint Brieuc 75 – week of March 20
Lille 100 – week of March 27
Villeneuve Loubet 75 – week of April 17
Aix en Provence 175 – week of May 1

The “International Race” for men’s singles

The rules and dates are the same as for the ladies.



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