River announced when Your Place in the Monumental is put up for sale

River was the club that brought the most viewers per game in 2022, in total the average gave more than 64,000 viewers per game, truly crazy. That this is possible is due to the great passion of the fan that fills the Monumental from date to date but also because of the organization that Tu Lugar offers at the Monumental and the new modality of being able to free the place when one knows that one is not going to be able to go to a game.

At the end of 2022, the renovation stage of Tu Lugar in the Monumental began and for more than three weeks those members who had TLM and they had fulfilled the requirements, they were able to renew their locations for this first semester of 2023. On January 23 the change of locations began and it took place until the 26th of the same month.

This Monday the club announced that next Wednesday, February 1 from 10 in the morning, the sale of remnants will begin for members who have not met the requirements and also for members who have not had Tu Lugar en el Monumental in 2022 or earlier either. It should be noted that the only way to acquire TLM is through RiverID. In addition, those who have TLM will have priority to buy tickets for the Copa Libertadores matches.

River’s statement

The sale of remnants of Tu Lugar in the Monumental for the 2023 Professional League championship will begin on Wednesday, February 1 at 10 a.m. It will be carried out until stock is exhausted through RiverID.
For the payment of the subscription, which includes all the matches that are played at home for the Professional League tournament in the first half of 2023, 12 interest-free installments and 10% refund are offered for those members who have a BBVA card River and payment in 6 installments with other credit cards, in addition to payments in one installment with debit, credit card or cash in RapiPago or Easy Payment.

It should be noted, thanks to the expansion of the Stadium and the attendance rules implemented during the last championship, today a higher number of season tickets are available to members than in previous seasons. In addition, it is important to take into account that those who have Tu Lugar en el Monumental will have priority to purchase tickets for CONMEBOL Libertadores matches.


– Sivori and Centenario Baja/Baja Inferior: No fee

– Sivori and Centenario Alta: $16.500

– Sivori Media Familiar: $22.000

– San Martin and Belgrano Alta: $35.000

– San Martin and Belgrano Media: $125.000/$145.000

– San Martin and Belgrano Baja: $106.000/$117.000/133.500

– San Martin Baja: $106.000/$117.000

Minor members pay 10% and lifetime members 50% less

The club clarified that the discount for those who have or pass to Sívori and Centenario alta for not having the seats is already applied, so that grandstand would have cost 25% more with stalls.

River explained how the attendance rules are for this 2023

Compliance with the following rules for attendance and release of locations will be the only way in which members with TLM will be able to guarantee their priority to reserve their same location in the next renewal instance.

Partners in Sívori and Centenario Baja:

-Attend at least 10 of the 13 matches (70%).
-Reach 12 games (90%) between assists and games in which he released his place.

Partners in Sívori and Centenario Alta; Belgrano Alta and San Martin Alta

-Reach 11 games (80%) between assists and games in which he released his place.

Partners in San Martín and Belgrano Bajas y Medias

-Reach 10 games (70%) between assists and games in which he released his place.
-In addition, each time they release their location and that ticket is sold by the Club, they will obtain 50% of the ticket value (member price) as credit for the next renewal.

The release of the location will be valid only up to 48 hours before each meeting.

It is important to note that members who do not meet the attendance and/or location release requirements will lose priority to renew their place.



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