Results and table of positions of Group B of the South American Sub-20 | National teams

Venezuela had it more difficult with the need to beat Chile. While for the australes, it served them either to keep the three points or tie. However, a penalty from Brayan Alcócer allowed Fabricio Coloccini to celebrate the pass to the Hexagonal Final that will be played in the city of Bogotá from January 31 to February 12.

Thus, with Chile and Bolivia eliminated, Uruguay, Venezuela and Ecuador qualified for the next round, and Colombia’s first rival will be the Uruguayans.

Results of Group B of date 5:

Ecuador 1-1 Uruguay (Finished)
Venezuela 1-0 Chile (Finished)

Table of positions of Group B:

1. Uruguay 10 pts (+9)
2. Venezuela 6 pts (-2)
3. Ecuador 5 pts (0)
4. Chile 4 pts (-3)
5. Bolivia 3 pts (-4)


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