Reims assault PSG in discount

Stade Reims tied at the last minute, thanks to an extraordinary goal from Balogun, against PSG at the Parc des Princes. The Parisians, very gray throughout the match, played Russian roulette for almost 90 minutes and ended up paying the consequences. Neymar overtook Galtier’s men, that they were left with one less player for a red card to Verratti. With ten, and when the Parque de los Príncipes was emptying out because there were many fans who took victory for granted, Balogun appeared to put the tables on the scoreboard. PSG continues to lead, but cannot increase their income compared to Lens and Marseille, who also tied.

The match showed from the outset that it is no coincidence that Reims, with a 30-year-old coach, Will Still, who also has a spectacular future, has gone 13 consecutive games without defeat. The champagne team took to the field of play as if it were a final, pressing with inordinate zeal, crushing their rival with the ball and forcing Donnarumma to intervene on several occasions.

In fact, the Italian goalkeeper was the best player of the Ligue 1 leader in the first half. He saved a great shot from Bolagun with his left foot, another from Flips from the left sector and blocked Ito brilliantly in a one-on-one that was practically 0-1. PSG, for their part, knocked out because there was a rival in front of them who was finding their weaknessesHe didn’t even test the rival goalkeeper. Reims went into the break having shot nine times, only once by the Parisians, in a more than revealing statistic of what had happened during the first 45 minutes in the Paque des Princes.

Football changes in a matter of seconds, hundredths or even thousandths. Because the beginning of the second half in the Parque de los Príncipes had everything. Starting by PSG, who woke up from their initial nap and took the lead through Neymar. The Brazilian, missing until then, benefited from a rebound from a second play up front to dribble past Diouf and score at will. It was the beginning of what was to come.

Minutes after the goal Reims, who no longer had the sufficiency from the beginning, took a penalty from Marquinhos out of nowhere. In the same play, the referee, who annulled the illegal action by Balogun for offside, produced a foul that would change the second half. Verratti came very late to a duel with Ito and the referee, who awarded a penalty in the first instance, went to the VAR monitor to rectify and send off the Italianentered just the break.

The numerical inferiority did not abate PSG, on the contrary. The Parisians played with more intensity, multiplied their efforts and were even able to increase their income. Ramos, to the post, had a flagrant opportunity in a corner. And, Mbappé, some time later, was one step away from 2-0, but Diouf avoided it. Achraf did not forgive after a good pass from Messi, but the Moroccan was offside.

Shield/Team Flag

Soccer, as always, is an unpredictable, uncertain sport, in which memory abounds due to its absence. Just when the game was ready for judgment, in the last minute of the game, when the legs no longer respond, Baloguna very fast striker who attacks space like very few, he had a snack at Marquinhos and Ramos, sat down Donnarumma and defined with the cold blood of a serial killer. A very valuable draw for Reims and very thick for PSG, which does not increase its income compared to Marseille and Lens.


Marco Verratti (45′, Vitinha), Danilo Pereira (62′, Carlos Soler), Renato Sanches (67′, Fabian Ruiz), Arber Zeneli (74′, Alexis Flips), Kamory Doumbia (74′, Marshall Munetsi), Dion Lopy (82′, Jens Cajust), Mitchell van Bergen (82′, Junya Ito), Warren Zaire-Emery (84′, Neymar)


1-0, 50′: Neymar1-1, 95′: Folarin Balogun


Referee: Ruddy Buquet
Referee VAR: Hamid Guenaoui, Nicolas Rainville
Marquinhos (28′,Yellow) It’s Junya (34′,Yellow) Verratti (58′,Roja) Gianluigi Donnarumma (93′,Yellow)



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