referees would deliver gifts or money to be assigned matches in the Colombian League

The Colombian ex-referee Wilmer Barahona posted on his account Twitter that he had access to some audios in which an active Colombian soccer judge denounced that supposedly there are colleagues who give money or gifts to be appointed in the matches of the League and the Betplay Tournament.

Barahona, who has a program on a channel YouTube in which he analyzes and gives news about the world of arbitration, he said in a conversation with Blu Radio Sports Blog that the topic had been playing for several months, but that this was the first time that an active judge did it.

“In these days I received two audios in which an active referee who expressed this situation speaks. It’s worrying. The idea that is expressed is that some supposedly give gifts or money to be named more frequently, be it in the League or in the Tournament of the second division of Colombian professional soccer, ”he assured.

The former judge added that at the moment there is no conclusive evidence on the veracity of the complaint. However, he asked the Disciplinary Commission of the Colombian Football Federation to investigate the facts and, if sufficient probative material is found, sanction those involved.

Barahona said that he was aware that there are complaints from arbitrators in Antioquia, Santander and Valle del Caucabut he refrained from giving names “because those issues that involve money are very complicated.”

The man added that the messages had reached him before the preseason of preparation for the judges of the Colombian League began. This scandal broke out hours before the start of the League of the first half of 2023which opened with the duel between Bucaramanga and Envigado.

Wilmer Barahona He is remembered for being one of the first to echo the allegations of alleged sexual harassment by Oscar Julian Ruiz to some Colombian soccer judges in exchange for benefits when he was in charge of theArbitration Commission of the Colombian Football Federation.



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