Real Sociedad, final of the Spanish Super Cup: chronicle, result and scorers

BarcelonaThe year 2023 could not have started better for Barça. The Blaugrana have lifted the first title of the season after overcoming Natalia Arroyo’s Real Sociedad (0-3) in the final of the Spanish Super Cup. The team led by Jonatan Giráldez dominated the match from start to finish and, after a semi-final suffered against Real Madrid, has once again demonstrated its indisputable dominance on the pitch.

Barça dominated the final, but the team from Donostia did not cower in front of the Blaugrana, whom they know perfectly, and tried to dispute their ball and counteract their game approach. The Culers, who played as visitors in the match, had control of the ball from the opening whistle. The Txuri-Urdin team was very clear about what they needed to face Barça: intensity, control and pressure. There was no room for doubt and it was necessary to go with all of them from the first moments if they did not want to abdicate the fight for the trophy.

No room for doubt

Giráldez’s team, however, has come out like a picker. With the game plan clear, he planted himself in the opponent’s field and not even the high pressure of the Basques made him stop having the ball stuck to his feet. And clearly, with such offensive insistence, Aitana Bonmatí scored the first goal for the Blaugrana. That of Sant Pere de Ribes needed it. After being more uncomfortable and off in the last games and sometimes losing control in the middle of the field, the Garrafenca and leader of the dressing room took a weight off when he sent the ball into the back of the net after a great action by Geyse Ferreira.

The connection between the two Blaugranas has been lethal. They searched, found and subdued a Real Sociedad that could not stop the pair. Just starting the second half, his stubbornness has seen the goal again. Again, Geyse with an unmarked pass that left the Txuri-urdin defense behind and sent the ball into Aitana’s right boot. The Catalan with a new pipe has surpassed Lete without contemplation. Real’s goalkeeper was unable to stop the Blaugrana tsunami that, with the entry of Oshoala on the green, widened the difference in the score in the last second of added time.

The first title is already in the bag and well tied. The culers start the year in a very sweet way as they wait for the resolution that could leave them out of this year’s Cup. Meanwhile, Jonatan Giráldez’s team returns to Barcelona with a new trophy and renewed energy.



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