Real Madrid: Ceballos must be taken advantage of more

There are games that change careers. Last night at La Cermica may well be the one that marks a turning point for Dani Ceballos. His contract ends in June with Real Madrid, so far the club has shown no intention of offering him a renewal and yesterday it took him 35 minutes to vindicate himself, to show that he can be very useful to his team. As long as they put it, of course. Its incidence and

n the game was simply huge.

He gave Vinicius the first goal, participated in the second by crossing Benzema and scored the third with an exquisite strike from inside.

The utrerano reactivated Madrid, changed the landscape and the mood and the country showed that, in addition to an obvious physical decline, the whites have a serious football problem.

This is the only way to explain that the same players who in the first half seemed like lost souls watching Parejo and Gerard Moreno play with total comfort, out of position on the field, with serious problems without the ball and moving the least when they had it,

They ended the last half hour running into space, braiding attack plays with unusual fluidity and being able to thrash a Villarreal who ended up dissolving like a sugar cube.

after the departure of Foyth and Albiol. But let’s go back to Ceballos, that’s why I lived his great night. If in the offices of Valdebebas they must reconsider their renewal because the squad does not have plenty of footballers of his profile in the wide area,

Ancelotti must do an exercise in self-criticism. Seeing the bad physical moment of veterans like Modric or Kroos and youngsters like Valverde or Rodrygo, it is difficult to understand how Ceballos has played just 25 minutes against Barcelona, ​​15 against Valencia or none against Vilarreal.

Only against Cacereo did he play the full game. That the coach does not trust people like Hazard, Mariano or Odriozola is understandable because every time they come out their contribution is nil. But the Andalusian is a very different case.

Between him and Camavinga they showed during the last half hour that in the current situation they are essential. Where others walk, they run. Faced with the lightness of a midfield in which Kroos and Modric become translucent without the ball, they bring rhythm, intensity, physicality to unite the team around them and football to help the defenders get the ball played and to shoot to attackers with danger

. The last half hour in La Cermica, with Ceballos at the controls, showed that

the whites, in addition to legs, are lacking ideas.

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