R Socks Masanao Yoshida’s “WBC participation” team permission Joining in important March to adapt to US baseball? (Nikkan Gendai DIGITAL) | d menu news (NTT DoCoMo)

Masanao Yoshida (C) Kyodo News who confirmed entering WBC

It’s just a surprise.

On the 5th, it was confirmed that Masanao Yoshida (29), who entered the Red Sox, will be called up as a representative member of the WBC to be held in March this year. Kuriyama, the head coach of the Japan national team, who revealed Yoshida’s entry into the Samurai J team, decided, “I felt his feelings for the Hinomaru.” It is said that they will join from the first round in Tokyo starting on March 9th at the latest.

Nachi Tomonari, a sports writer who is familiar with the major leagues, said, “Normally, it is impossible.”

“Yoshida is in his first year on the major league team. He needs time to adjust to American baseball. It’s no wonder why they allowed him to participate in the WBC.”

Mr. Tomonari prefaces the reason by saying, “It’s just speculation,” and continues.

“Maybe there was pressure from MLB, and by extension, ESPN, the US broadcaster that relays the tournament. In the past, the WBC viewership in the US averaged less than 1%. The lack of star players is a major factor in the slump in popularity.Most of the major teams were reluctant to send their own players to the tournament just before the start of the season.However, ESPN, which broadcasts the game, is not convinced. ESPN broadcasted last year’s soccer World Cup, and it has just become popular in the United States.Isn’t it time for the WBC to take a stab at it? There have been times when I swallowed the change.”

It would be nice to have the WBC excited, but for Yoshida, participating in the tournament will be good or bad…



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