Quintana Roo Legislative Observatory indicates breach of SEDESO

Cancun, Q. Roo.- The Quintana Roo AC Legislative Observatory. accused the Ministry of Social Development (Sedeso) for failure to publish the operating rules for the application of economic resources for the granting of “social aid” in the State, who consider that it can be questioned in court.

The Legislative Observatory pointed out that based on the provisions of Article 70 of the PE for 2023, SEDESO should have published the operating rules to exercise public resources no later than last January 13 in the Official State Newspaper (POE), which which he assured, did not happen.

Through a statement, the Observatory stated, “This situation was not met and we consider it serious, not only because it does not include resources for programs of groups that have been supporting social policy, but also because the application of resources by The designated entity without this legal compliance can be judicially questioned and the object of indications in regulatory compliance in the process of rendering accounts before the Superior State Auditor”

He specified that the PE of the Government of Quintana Roo establish various conditions for the application and exercise of public money approved by Congress.
In accordance with the Law for the Social Development of the State of Quintana Roo, the dependency had to previously comply with Articles 27 and 28 to determine the priority attention areas and the segments of the target population to which public resources will be channeled. intended for social development.
Priority attention areas must be reported to the State Congress for its annual review and, where appropriate, adaptation in the first session of the legislature of each year.
Victor Salazar.



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