Quebec Games: Athletes leave memories in their heads

Alexis admits he feels a little nervous, while he still does not know the identity of his first opponent. He hopes to be worthy of his orange belt, acquired after four years of practicing judo.

It’s honour, he said, alluding to wearing his belt. It is to recognize me.

Alexis (left) and Thomas (right) accompanied by their respective mothers, Marie-Claude Labrecque and Bonny Rochefort.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Gabriel Poirier

Thomas, ten years old, gives advice to aspiring judokas. He himself started this discipline last year.

judo, mais qui ont peur que les gens ne les respectent pas : sur le tatami tout le monde est identique","text":"Juste un truc pour ceux qui veulent aller dans le judo, mais qui ont peur que les gens ne les respectent pas : sur le tatami tout le monde est identique"}}">Just a tip for those who want to go into judo, but are afraid that people won’t respect them: on the tatami everyone is the samehe reassures.

three weightlifters

Another sport, same observation.

Like Alexis and Thomas, Antoine Gilbert, 18, seems happy to participate in the Regional Final of the Quebec Games.

He hopes to pursue weightlifting in college. In the meantime, he is satisfied with his results, he who set a personal record in the snatch and the clean and jerk.

kg snatch and 90kg in the clean and jerk”,”text”:”I wanted to lift more than in training, i.e. 70kg in the snatch and 90kg in the clean and jerk”}}”>I wanted to lift more than in training, 70 kg in the snatch and 90 kg in the clean and jerksays Antoine Gilbert.

Another source of joy: his sister Elianne and his brother Benoît were present, but not only to encourage him.

Two brothers and a sister are photographed, arm in arm, in front of the official flag of the Quebec Games.

From left to right: Benoit Gilbert, Antoine Gilbert and Elianne Gilbert all practice weightlifting.

Photo : Radio-Canada / Gabriel Poirier

They took part in their own weightlifting events. This is the first time that they have come together as athletes in a single competition at the Quebec Games.

It feels good to be here, concedes Elianne Gilbert, 16. Competing invigorated me and made me want to do even more weightlifting.

I haven’t performed yet, but whatever the result, I’m going to be happyadds his brother Benoît, 14 years old.

Music to the ears

So many testimonies that could sound like music to the ears of Cécile Poirier, coordinator of this 38th centralized Regional Final of the Quebec Games.

Cécile Poirier smiles at the camera.

The coordinator of the 38th centralized regional final of the Quebec Games, Cécile Poirier. (File photo)

Photo : Radio-Canada / Martin Guindon

She wanted to offer a sports festival to the children. The first since the start of the pandemic.

She feels that her mission is accomplished.

« I think it’s a great success. I think the young people are happy to be here. I saw a lot of smiles. I think that young people deserved a sports festival and that we have fulfilled this expectation. »

A quote from Cécile Poirier, coordinator of the 38th Centralized Regional Final of the Quebec Games

Testimonies which suggest that his games in La Sarre have seduced many. Young and old alike.

The next centralized Regional Final of the Quebec Games will be held in Amos. This edition brought together around 700 athletes in disciplines as varied as karate, badminton, table tennis and curling.



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