PUMA Clyde sneakers from the 70s perfect a classic look

Surely when we talk about sneakers for basketball you think of pure muscular models and high topbut today we bring you some Puma tennis that will completely change the way these are drawn kicks inside your head.

For a long time we have talked about how this brand was born from the rivalry between two brothers, the Dasslers, who would part ways to start two legendary sportswear brands: adidas and of course, PUMA. We have also commented on many occasions how its Suede model became relevant in the social movements of the second half of the 20th century, after Tommie Smith and John Carlos took off their shoes to receive their medals for the 200-meter freestyle at the Olympic Games in Mexico ’68, raising his fist in peaceful protest for the human rights of the Afro-descendant community.

Yes, all this has been discussed ad nauseam. But rarely have we stopped to review other silhouettes of the brand and how it has played a seminal role in sports and entertainment; especially when we refer to basketball, where we have become accustomed to seeing other labels.

Today, 2023, is the year in which some tennis The label’s colossals resurface from its archives, updated with a striking color family, and feeling more powerful than ever. We introduce you to…

PUMA Clyde

Legendary and casual.


And sneaker that precedes the fever of collaborations that we are now experiencing with the kicks of the basketball field. A plane in which LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Dwayne Wade currently reign —with a fabulously avant-garde brand like Li-Ning—, Stephen Curry —whom we applaud for his decision to sign with Under Armour— and, of course, Michael Jordan, among several more. However, a sponsorship of PUMA in 1973 it would mark the genesis of this scenario and you are about to discover it. This was the first in the history of player-brand agreements as we know them.



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