Puel does not budge, he had seen right with the Greens

Zapping But! Football Club ASSE: the complete list of the Greens

The results don’t matter. Meaningless seasons with, each time, the threat of relegation and a moribund ASSE which no longer put one foot in front of the other. At the head of ASSE, Claude Puel will have above all known failure, sporting, and financial means it is true limited.

But the numbers are stubborn, and the Greens, under his command, were on the verge of relegation in the first season (before the pandemic), in the middle-bottom of the table the second and still at the bottom of the table the third before it was thanked. But as is his habit, the Castres once again praised his project. Who would have succeeded, let it be said.

Comments granted to our colleagues progress. “We created assets to make up for the deficits. It was absolutely necessary to spend these two years trying not to tread water in order to save the club and keep it in the elite. We had to bring in young people from the training. They represented a big added value and it was a way to register them in the long term. We extended during this period 12 to 13 players who were in national teams. We should have guaranteed them a future in Saint-Etienne. I had led this project in Lille with young players and we continued to rely on them. For two years, we played the game of maintenance and on arrival, we found ourselves in the Champions League. “The urgency of the results makes us lose all notion of project, of serenity. It’s a shame for the young people we had involved. The training policy is in ASSE’s DNA.”

to summarize

The former coach and general manager of ASSE, Claude Puel, fired due to poor results, spoke at length about his time in Forez through an interview with our colleagues from Progrès. He was right, that’s all.



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