PSSI Cancels the Decision to Stop League 2?

PSSI announced the termination of League 2 this season after the Exco meeting last week.

PSSI will hold an executive committee meeting (Exco) to discuss the fate of terminating Liga 2 this season. The agenda will also discuss the elimination of the 2022/23 League 1 relegation.

Previously, PSSI announced that League 2 was stopped after holding an Exco meeting, Thursday (12/1). There are three foundations that make the second caste competition in the country not continue.

First, because PSSI claims that the majority of clubs have asked for Liga 2 to be stopped. Although it was not stated which team made the request.

Then, the second is a recommendation from the Indonesian football transformation team after the Kanjuruhan tragedy regarding facilities and infrastructure that did not meet the requirements. Then finally Perpol No. 10 of 2022 mandates a new licensing process by taking into account the notification time period, submitting recommendations and permits, to security assistance.

As a result of the suspension of League 2, no clubs from League 1 2022/23 will drop in caste next season. This is because no team has been promoted to the top caste of national football.

“As I said, after seeing the dynamics and development of the League 2 competition, I received instructions from the president to immediately find a way out. Because we are [pemerintah] do not have the authority to rotate the competition, that is the realm of PSSI which assigns the operator, LIB [Liga Indonesia Baru],” said Menpora Zainudin Amali.

Amali held a meeting with PSSI Secretary General Yunus Nusi at his office, Thursday (19/1). The main director of PT LIB Ferry Paulus also participated in this agenda virtually.

“In conclusion, the secretary general will immediately report to the general chairman and Exco to coordinate. Then LIB will gather all League 2 clubs to discuss, because the reality is they are still divided,” he said.

“Then discuss it into a joint conclusion. The results will be reported again to us. And that will be the guidance of the government. Once again the government does not want to intervene, that is the realm of the federation and operators. Whatever is decided, we will be okay,” he added.

Meanwhile, Yunus said the meeting with Amali went well. He will also notify the results of the discussion to the general chairman of PSSI Mochamad Iriawan and members of the Exco.

“Hopefully it will be a positive part for Indonesian football. Of course, as stated, Pak Ferry as the president director of LIB will consolidate or invite League 2,” said Yunus.



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