PSG makes mincemeat of “Flemish” sixth division team in French cup, Mbappé scores 5 times | football france

A fairytale in yellow and black. Cassel, a small border town with a long Flemish history, surprised friend and foe in the French Cup this year.

The sixth grader stunted past Drancy, Chaumont and Wasquehal towards the 1/16th finals of La Coupe. The stars of PSG were waiting in it.

Because the municipal stadium of Cassel did not meet the standards to receive the star ensemble, the stadium of Lens was used. But there too, the lion flags were numerous on Friday evening.

The many fans present could see from the front row how their players went down honorably against the Parisian stars. Golden spurs did not leave the capitals on the field, goals all the more.

Kylian Mbappé had his evening and kicked in five. The French star scored his 29th goal in the French Cup, a record. In the end it became 0-7.


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