Prognosis and probable line-ups DRC-Côte d’Ivoire

DR Congo and Ivory Coast face off in the Group B clash of the CHAN 2022. Discover the probable line-ups and the best odds and predictions for the DRC-Côte d’Ivoire match.

The probable compositions of DRC-Ivory Coast

No injuries are to be reported on either side and the changes made compared to the first day should therefore be limited. The DRC however disappointed and coach Otis Ngoma could decide for example to align Makusu, author of a good entry, in place of Bossu.

RDC : Siadi – Mpeko, Iyembe, Mondeko, Sita – Mika, Mutumosi – Ikangalombo, Wamba, Kinzumbi – Makusu.

Ivory Coast : Ayayi – Attohoula, Coulibaly, Siahoune, Gbai – Baudelaire, Zougrana – Aubin Kouame, Zouzoua, Conate – Teacher.

DRC-Côte d’Ivoire, the odds of the match

Odds from 1xbet and subject to change.

Cotes 1N2 :

  • RDC : 3.6
  • Draw: 2.76
  • Ivory Coast: 2.35

Odds over 1.5 goals:

Odds both teams to score:

DRC-Côte d’Ivoire forecast: the top 3 bets to try

Surprisingly and perhaps due to the recent bounty case which shakes the DRC, bookmakers like 1xbet consider Côte d’Ivoire as the favorite of the match! This is not our opinion…

1is DRC-Côte d’Ivoire forecast: Victory for the DRC

Despite the strike threat launched by the players, we believe that the Congolese will be present for this meeting and that they will have eager to catch up after their failed start. Opposite, Côte d’Ivoire, less experienced in this kind of meeting, is not going well at all and remains on two consecutive defeats.

2e Prediction DRC-Côte d’Ivoire: Less than 2.5 goals

Due to their poor performance on the first day, the two teams approach this poster with a lot of pressure and the issue risks taking precedence on the game. In this group, no game has so far reached the 2.5 goal mark and both teams suffer from an efficiency problem.

3rd Prediction DRC-Côte d’Ivoire: Team 2 will lead the match less than 7.5 min

Well rated, this bet is quite tempting. As we have said, the Ivorians are clearly not the favorites of this meeting. The Elephants have created few chances in the first game and we don’t see them leading.

DRC-Côte d’Ivoire, analysis of the match

DRC already under pressure

Sacred in the competition twice and necessarily ranked among the favorites, the DRC disappointed in its first match against Uganda (0-0). Ineffective, the Leopards almost lost this derby against an opponent who hit the post in the second half. A victory is essential before playing its destiny against Senegal.

Ivory Coast too tender?

Showered 3-0 by Mauritania in its last preparation match, Ivory Coast did not reassure for entering the arena by losing to Senegal (0-1). Admittedly, we had to wait for the last quarter of an hour before seeing them crack, but the fact is that the Elephants conceded many chances, including a missed penalty by their opponent, and they struggled to exist offensively.



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