Price put on giant headphones for one set. He then provoked the fans

Welsh dartsman Gerwyn Price has another controversial moment. He scored in the quarter-finals of the World Championship in a duel with Gabriel Clemens. He went into the fifth set with big headphones, trying to isolate himself from the noise of Ally Pally. After the winning leg, he also heckled the fans. But that didn’t help him either, he lost the set and eventually the entire duel 1:5.

With Clemens leading Price 3-1 after four sets, the two returned to the stage after the break with the Iceman wearing giant headphones. Apparently he didn’t want to listen to the constant booing on his person. As soon as he got on, he was greeted with a tremendous screeching sound. And while Price had always said it motivated and teased him, it didn’t seem that way now.

Price won the first leg of the fifth set, cheering wildly and indicating to the fans that he couldn’t hear them. The world number one could not manage the next three legs. She also lost the following set, which she already played only with classic earplugs. And after a 1:5 defeat, they say goodbye to the tournament. On the contrary, Clemens became the first ever German archer to reach the semi-finals of the World Championship.

I was just trying to play my game. I didn’t do anything else. I just wanted to focus on the game” he said after Price’s relatively crushing defeat on Sky Sports TV. But then he posted on his Instagram. “It’s frustrating that you spend all year preparing for this one tournament. I’m sad that I won’t be playing anymore, but I wish everyone the best of luck. I’m not sure if I’ll play this event again,” he wrote and unsettled his fans.

​Of course, the whole case with headphones immediately started spreading on the Internet. “When you have arrows at eight, but at ten you have to go to the forest like a woodcutter,” one of the fans wrote on the photo. “Was he cutting down a tree on break? What on earth is on his mind?” wondered another. However, even headphones did not help Price, and he said goodbye to this year’s World Championship. The victorious Clemens will face Michael Smith in the Ally Pally semifinals.


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