[Preview] NFL conference finals: we take (almost) the same and start over

Three of the four franchises had already reached this stage of the competition last year, only the Eagles are bringing something new.

The last square is finally known. After 20 weeks of competition, there are only 4 franchises left to claim the final victory. Among them, 75 % were already there 2021. Kansas City et Cincinnati had already faced each other in the conference final AFC last year. The Bengals emerged victorious from a close duel to climb to the Super Bowl. The rematch is scheduled for Sunday.

On the other side, the 49ers are also regulars at these matches. San Francisco reached the conference final three times in the last four seasons. For the moment, Kyle Shanahan shows a win and a loss. On Sunday they go to Philadelphia who looks like an intruder. The Eagles are however not there by chance with the best track record of the NFL in the regular season and impressive performances. Very smart one who can predict on the poster of the Super Bowl.

The dual :

Kick-off Sunday at 9:00 p.m.
Philadelphia Eagles (1) – San Francisco 49ers (2)

Difficult to imagine better opposition to crown the champion of the NFC This year. On the one hand, Philadelphia dominated the regular season from start to finish and despite a (court) slump at the time of the injury of Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia maintained the best record in the league. Before a show of force during the Divisional Round. In front, the 49ers didn’t start the season particularly well, but they ended it with a bang. It’s simple, the last defeat of the Californians goes back to October 23 last (vs. Kansas City44-23). Since then, they have just chained a series of 12 wins straddling the end of the regular season (10) and this start of the playoffs (2). In other words, the formation of Kyle Shanahan has been the team to beat for several months.

On both sides of the ball, this team seems to be armed to take on anyone. In defense first with certainly the best squad in the league. At all levels, defenders of 49ers perform, like those linebackers who scare everyone in the middle of the field. The attack is not left out either, carried by a Brock Purdy who still hasn’t lost and still efficient playmakers. Except that in front, Philadelphia also has some guarantor. As San Franciscothem Eagles are capable of winning on both ends of the field. Since his Jalen Hurts came back to 100 %as evidenced by his performance last week against the Giants. But the defense is not left out. Pennsylvania. The front seven is one of the best NFL and the opposition with the Californian offensive line will be worth the detour.

The payback ?

Kick-off in the night from Sunday to Monday at 0:30
Kansas City Chiefs (1) – Cincinnati Bengals (3)

How is the ankle Patrick Mahomes ? This is THE question that everyone is asking as this match approaches. The answer could condition many things in this encounter. For the moment, the quarterback resumed training et son coach, Andy Reidwants to be reassuring. But the stakes are such that only the field on Sunday will reveal the true physical condition of the pitcher. In the meantime, we are obliged to consider all hypotheses. In a scenario where Patrick Mahomes was diminished, Kansas City would necessarily have less chance of winning. Cincinnati walking on water right now and the victory last week once again demonstrated this feeling of power and serenity that emanates from this team. The Bengals are no longer the surprise of last year, now they have a status that they assume, no offense to Joe Burrow.

On the other hand, if the injury of the MVP 2018 did not come to handicap him on Sunday, as we want to say on the side of Kansas City, the opposition would be much more balanced. The Chiefs have an almost incomparable offensive strike force. Travis Kelce is on the water now and both lines dominate their opponents. Be careful however, Mahomes at 100 % does not automatically mean victory for the locals. The Bengals Joe Burrow appear more and more like the pet peeve of these Chiefs-the. This season, for example, Cincinnati is one of three teams to have knocked down Kansas City in the regular season. If we look at last season, Ja’Marr Chase and his teammates had also brought down the players ofAndy Reid in the regular season before eliminating them in the conference final. Repeated twice sunday ?

The posters

Kick-off Sunday at 9:00 p.m.
Philadelphia Eagles (1) – San Francisco 49ers (2)
Kick-off in the night from Sunday to Monday at 0:30
Kansas City Chiefs (1) – Cincinnati Bengals (3)

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