Pınar Karşıyaka-Onvo Büyükçekmece: 104-102 – Basketball Sports News

Pınar Karşıyaka, who lost to Bahçeşehir College last week after 6 wins in a row in the Turkish Insurance Basketball Super League, defeated Onvo Büyükçekmece 104-102 at home with Jaylon Brown’s three-pointer in the last second. In the match, which was a three-point race, Jaylon Brown scored 10 points out of 13, 36 points, and Can Maxim from Büyükçekmece scored 31 points with 9 3-pointers. With this score, Karşıyaka took their 10th win in 14 matches and boosted morale before the rematch where they will host UCAM Murcia in the Play-In stage of the FIBA ​​Champions League.

Pınar Karşıyaka started the match with Jaylon Brown’s 7 out of 7 three-pointer, which is rarely seen on the parquet, and quickly opened the gap with this player’s 21 points. Angola’s 2 three-pointers made the difference up to 14 points, while Karşıyaka scored in 9 of their first 10 3-pointers. The first period ended 33-22. In the second period, Büyükçekmece reduced the lead to 2 points with the points of Weber, Can Maxim and Harris. At these moments, Karşıyaka did not let his opponent catch him with McCollum and Vitto Brown. With 17 seconds left in the half, Can Maxim’s three-pointer brought the score to 49-49, but Pınar Karşıyaka was ahead 52-49 at the halftime with Berkan’s three-pointer in the last second. At the beginning of the third period, the guest team equalized the score with 52-52 with Can Maxim’s three pointer, and then took the lead 58-55 with Harris’ three pointer. The margin in favor of the guest team increased to 10 points in this section, with the score contribution of Harris and Rivers, technical fouls played against Kenan and Angola from the host, as well as Can Maxim, who played with 8 out of 8 three-pointers. Karşıyaka technical committee and fans reacted strongly to the decisions of the referees, especially in the third period. The fourth quarter started 76-80 with the last second three pointer of Pınar Karşıyaka’s star McCollum, who stepped in. McCollum’s free throws made the score 96-96 with 2 minutes left in the last period. Karşıyaka then took the lead 99-98 with Berkan’s three pointer. While entering the last 1 minute, Weber from Büyükçekmece gave his team 100-99 lead again from under the basket. McCollum’s free throws made the score 101-100. Crawford made the score 102-101 in favor of Büyükçekmece with the ball he used with 3.6 seconds left. Pınar Karşıyaka, who took a break and started the game from the sidelines, won the game 104-102 for the star of the day, Jaylon Brown’s three pointer.

HALL: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
REFEREES: Özlem Yalman, Mehmet Serdar Ünal, Serhat Büker
PINAR KARŞIYAKA: Kenan Sipahi 8, Jaylon Brown 36, Angola 14, Vitto Brown 8, Deniz 4, McCollum 26, Delgado 2, Ergi, Berkan 6, Mert
ONVO BÜYÜKÇEKMECE: Crawford 6, Weber 16, Yesukan 2, Sajus 6, Rivers 13, Metehan 4, Harris 19, Tayfun 5, Can Maxim 31, Mehmet Fırat, Yiğitcan
1st PERIOD: 33-22
3rd PERIOD: 76-80
5 FOULS: Sajus (37.59) (Buyukcekmece)



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