PHOTO: Henry, the wink of Balogun

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Scorer of the equalizing goal, striker Folarin Balogun (21 years old, 19 games and 11 goals in L1 this season) allowed Reims to snatch a well-deserved point against Paris Saint-Germain (1-1) this Sunday at the occasion of the 20th day of Ligue 1. The young talent on loan from Arsenal celebrated his achievement by going to put his elbow on a corner post while staring at the public. A nod to Thierry Henry, legend of the Gunners, present as a consultant for Prime Video and who advised him before the meeting.

“As I had spoken with you before the match, I thought that I was going to do this celebration out of respect for you, launched the Englishman in the direction of his idol. I had spoken with Thierry before the match and I tried to follow the advice of someone I looked up to so much.”

A dream evening then ended with a beautiful souvenir photo with the Habs.

Balogun celebrates his Henry-style goal

… then the souvenir photo

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