Peñarol always ran from behind and lost at home to Quimsa – News from Mar del Plata

In his presentation in 2023, the “Milrayitas” lost 85 to 76 against one of the great candidates of the National Basketball League.

(Photo: Demian Schleider / Peñarol Press)

After 21 days without playing due to the holiday break, this Monday Penarol de Mar del Plata returned to action in the National Basketball League but ran into the Quimsa hierarchy: the team from Mar del Plata ran the game from behind throughout the 40 minutes and fell from 85 to 76 at the Islas Malvinas Sports Center.

In its presentation in 2023 and with a good presence in the stadium, mainly in the audience that faces the back of the substitute benches, the Milrayitas at times he played equally to one of the great candidates of the highest category but in the end he could not keep up.

For the start of the match, the coach Adrián Capelli surprised by putting Facundo Tolosa among the starting five instead of José Defelippo. It is that the guard from Rosario this Sunday broke it in the Development League and scored 27 points for the victory of the team from Mar del Plata.

Another of Peñarol’s peculiarities was that American center Johndre Jefferson made his debut, arriving in Mar del Plata on Saturday to replace the naturalized Ivorian Amadou Sidibé and had long minutes despite not knowing too much about his teammates, game systems or competition.

Regarding development, vertigo took over of the Islas Malvinas Sports Center and, in a constant roundtripthe game was entertaining. At first the Milrayitas was supported by Bruno Sansimoni, but as the minutes passed, it was difficult for him to maintain the offensive rhythm that the cast from Santiago shaped, which, based on hierarchy and a long squad, reached a maximum of 13 points averaging the second quarter.

Likewise, at the close of the first half, the individuality of the player reappeared. Frog sansimoni for trim the distance to a digit and go to the long rest down by 9 units (34-43).

On the way back from the changing rooms, the good scoring continued in both baskets, something that benefited the visit since they had made the difference in the first 20′. In a constant “stick and stick”, they tied the third quarter 20-20 and the 9-point difference extended to the last and decisive quarter.

In the last 10 minutes of the game, Quimsa achieved defensive solidity and he accompanied it with the effectiveness he had throughout the game, so the distance stretched to 19 points. Far away and with no more than a good flurry from the local at the end, the final closing to the match was 85 to 76.

With this defeat, Peñarol reaps a record of 8 wins and 8 falls throughout the regular stage and remains in the top ten. For his part, Quimsa reached a record of 11 wins and 4 losses, Numbers that put him in the top five.

The next Thursday from 21, The team from Mar del Plata will play their second and last home game in January when they receive at the Islas Malvinas Sports Center Argentine from Junin. Then Capelli’s team will play a tour of Federal Capital where they will face San Lorenzo, Ferro and Platense.


Penarol (76): Bruno Sansimoni 18, Facundo Tolosa 3, Thomas Monacchi 8, Al Thornton 16 and Augustin Caffaro 12 (FI); Joaquin Valinotti 10, Jose Defelippo 4, Johndre Jefferson 3, Christian Thistle 2 and Paul Alderete 0. DT: Adrian Capelli.

Three (85): Franco Baralle 13, Brandon Robinson 8, Mauro Cosolito 16, Fabián Ramírez Barrios 2 and Eric Anderson (FI); Juan Ignacio Brussino 0, Sebastián Acevedo 8, Kevin Hernández 13, Rodrigo Sánchez 8 and Agustín Pérez Tapia 15. DT: Juan Manuel Córdoba.

Partial: 21-24; 13-19 (34-43); 20-20 (54-63) y 22-22 (76-85)

Referees: John Fernandez, Robert Smith and Alexander Trias.

Estadio: Falkland Islands Sports Center.

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