Peña II becomes great in the Hendaye pediment

Peña II becomes great in the Hendaye pediment

Peña II strikes with his right hand before Laso’s gaze in the Hendaye fronton. / . f. de la hera

Together with a good Eskiroz, he added his second consecutive victory after beating (19-22) an uncomfortable Laso and Imaz

Second consecutive point for Peña II and Eskiroz in the Couples. The striker from Tolosa became great yesterday in the Hendaye fronton and they are already looking at the top of the Couples classification. They beat Laso and Imaz (19-22) on a complicated court with a very fast floor and favorable for the shot. And in that facet the Gipuzkoan was more inspired than his rival. He allied himself, especially with the ‘txoko’, to find the tickles of his opponents, who were not at all comfortable. The Navarrese defender also responded in his second match as a substitute for Mariezkurrena II and, although the Colorados sold their defeat dearly, they knew how to better manage the decisive moment of the match.

Laso wasn’t very good in the first half, but he managed to impose his rhythm in phases, which allowed the Colorados to hold on to the match. Imaz had a hard time removing the ball on a court that takes a lot of weight behind, and that’s where a good part of his options went.

Both strikers made the most of the serve to create an opportunity on the second hit, but Peña II was much more solid than his rival in the happy squares. While Laso lost eight balls in his attempt to go on the attack, the Tolosa native only missed three.

In Bizkaia and in Labrit

The game was by tacking because the initial play had a lot of weight. The blues came to have five goals ahead (5-10), but their rivals managed to react. The man from Bizkarreta-Gerendiain moved the ball well and created the gaps he was looking for. After the equalizer at eleven everything was adjusted. Another small rush from the Blues allowed them to distance themselves (12-15), but this time it was their mistakes that allowed the Colorados to regain ground. In confrontation it entered its decisive phase open, The blues were always ahead even if it was with a minimum distance. Laso seemed like he could arrive on time because a couple of his goals tied the game at 19. But that was not the case. He missed with his left foot in the next one and Peña II closed the match. In the promotion couples match, Salaberria and Oier Etxebarria are still intractable. Full of victories in ten games. Yesterday they beat Darío and Bikuña 15-22.

The tenth day will have two spotlights today (5:15 p.m.). At Labrit, Elordi and Zabaleta face Peio Etxeberria and Rezusta, while at Bizkaia they will play Ezkurdia and Martija against Altuna III and Tolosa.


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