PB Systems — Dot Estee B.LEAGUE ALL-STAR GAME 2023 IN MITO adopts 4DOH


PB Systems<4447>After the closing on the 12th, Softbank will be held at “Dot Estie B.LEAGUE ALL-STAR GAME 2023 IN MITO”, which will be held under the concept of “Innovative sports entertainment, basketball and city dreams”.<9434>has announced that 4DOH, which is manufactured and sold by the company, has been adopted for the “evolutionary 360-degree VR theater basket LIVE” exhibited by.

At the end of last year, it became a hot topic that 4DOH was adopted at the “SoftBank Winter Cup 2022” (December 23-29, 2022), which is known as the highest tournament in the high school basketball world. rice field.

SOFTBANK’s “Evolutionary 360-degree VR Theater Basket LIVE” features live-action footage such as super play of the men’s professional basketball league (B League), various techniques, player entrance, cheer performance, etc. as a 4DOH 360-degree VR theater. You can enjoy it in a space that makes the most of

The company plans to continue working to popularize 4DOH so that many Metaverse operators can use it as an ideal space expression device that allows them to experience the Metaverse more closely and realistically.


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