Order Exit MultiSport Net 300 tennis, volleyball, badminton at

Exit MultiSport Net 300 tennis,volley,badminton

EXIT adjustable sports net 155x300cm – black

The EXIT adjustable sports net in black is a multifunctional sports net that you can set to three different heights. Would you like to play volleyball, badminton or tennis in the garden? It’s all possible with the adjustable sports net from EXIT Toys!

Let the games begin!

The EXIT adjustable sports net is 3 meters wide and therefore fits in almost every garden. You can easily adjust the net in height and the lime green edge ensures that you can see the net well during play. The frame of the EXIT adjustable sports net is robust and equipped with a stable tripod with an anchor system, so that the sports net does not fall over during the game. The sports net can be adjusted in the following three positions:

Low +/- 62 cm
Midden +/- 109 cm
High +/- 155 cm



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