OM-Monaco: “What’s the point?”, the anger of the Marseillais after a penalty not awarded by the VAR

It’s a decision that could weigh heavily at the end of the season. While the score is 1-1 in the heart of the second half of the clash between OM and Monaco, Saturday evening at the Velodrome, the Marseillais get a huge opportunity. On a corner, Malinovskyi deviates from the head for Balerdi, who places his on the bar of Nübel. Gigot, on the rebound, tries an unbalanced recovery that ends above. Nothing to report at first sight, except that the slow motion shows, on the strike of the Marseille defender, a nasty delayed sole from the Monegasque defender Maripan which could have hurt Gigot very badly.

A fairly obvious fault which should probably have been reviewed at the VAR and offered a penalty to OM. But the video referees, from the bus, did not ultimately question the decision of central referee Jérémie Pignard to let the game continue. A decision which particularly annoyed the supporters of OM but also Pablo Longoria, the president of Marseille.

After the meeting, in the corridor of the Velodrome where the referees pass to join their locker room, the latter was pacing full of anger. “Damn oh! It’s clearly a penalty… Mamma mia… What is the VAR for? »

In the process, OM coach Igor Tudor made the same speech at the microphone of Canal +. “It’s probably a big mistake by the VAR,” he explains. The fact that he shoots before is not an explanation. Normally, a foul like that is a red card. It is unbelievable, unacceptable. »



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