OM: a former Parma player admits to doping! -Interview

A few weeks apart, football lost Sinisa Mihajlovic (53) and Gianluca Vialli (58). Two emblematic players of Calcio in the 90s, which was then the biggest championship in the world. But a championship, too, where suspicions of doping were present. And for Dino Baggio, an Italian international who played with the Serb at Lazio and the striker at Juve, there is no smoke without fire. His remarks at the microphone of the Italian channel TV7 are likely to make people talk:

“We have to go back to what we took, we have to investigate a little bit about the substances taken during these times. I don’t know if it’s due to that, but there has always been doping. We never taken from weird stuff because there was always a percentage to respect. But over time, you have to see if certain substances are good or not, if they can be eliminated or remain inside the body. I’m also afraid, it happens to too many players. In my years, there was too much doping”.

Inter Milan and Juventus player Dino Baggio distinguished himself at the 1994 World Cup, but also in Parma, where he played for six seasons. Including in the UEFA Cup final against OM in 1999 (3-0). Defensive midfielder alongside Alain Boghossian that day, Dino Baggio was able to see that there was no match between his team and a Marseille too diminished by injuries (Ravanelli, Roy) and suspensions (Dugarry, Luccin , Gallas). Years later, a video documentary showed Parma defender Fabio Cannavaro injecting himself in the dressing room before the encounter with a prick in the arm. Facing the camera, the one who will later be world champion in 2006 against France declared: “This is proof that we are monsters!” Before laughing out loud … There was never a sequel because it was impossible to prove that he was then injecting a doping or illegal product.



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