Numbers don’t lie! The most even Euroleague in history

01/10/2023 at 20:23


40% of the games so far this season have been decided by five or fewer points

It is practically 10% higher than the average of the last six courses

It is already recurring to hear that the 2022/2023 season of the Euroleague basketball is being the most even in history. Without going any further, and after the conclusion of the first round, until 10 teams They are in a two win/loss gap.

The first part of the season has left maximum equality between the teams, and for the first time in years, it is difficult to find a team that is clearly favorite to win the title. All the work done during the first games of the European course must be endorsed in the second round by the teams if they want to get the prize of sneaking into the quarterfinal Playoff of the competition prior to the Final Four.

Equality is such that the Euroleague itself has made public, through its social networks, that to date, andhe 40% of the games played this season have been decided by a margin of five points or less. Some data that contrast with the average of the last seasons, in which the same difference had occurred at 31.5%, almost 10 percentage points less. In fact, compared to the past year, it goes from the current 39.9 to a 29,4%.

With all this equality, the surprising appearance at a positive level of teams like Baskonia o Zalgiri at the top of the classification, the consolidation of projects such as the Monaco y Olympiakos, or the presence of one year more than Barça, Madrid and Efes, they make the ingredients for the second part of the season are served. All that remains is to enjoy a Euroleague that is sure to reserve many more surprises.



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