Novara, death threat to ex-partner: 38-year-old arrested by police

Death threat to his ex-partner, after having persecuted her for months with phone calls and stakeouts at home. A 38-year-old man has been arrested for persecution.

It happened yesterday afternoon, Thursday 26 January, in Novara. The man was arrested by the police, who also reported him for possession of weapons or offensive objects.

According to what was reconstructed by the police, the 38-year-old, whose harassing behavior had already been reported by his ex-partner twice in the past months, due to the hundreds of threatening calls and messages and real stakeouts under the woman’s home, in the afternoon yesterday he allegedly sent a photo of him with a large trigger knife to his ex-partner’s phone, accompanied by an explicit death threat.

The woman, who also understood that the man was wandering around near her home, locked herself inside and called 112. The agents of the flying police squad then intervened on the spot, who immediately tracked down the 38-year-old, searching both him and his car. Inside the vehicle, in the trunk, the agents thus found a baseball bat, while a box cutter and the snap knife photographed shortly before and sent to the ex-partner were found on the man.

Accompanied to the police headquarters, the man, already burdened by numerous specific precedents for crimes against the person, was arrested.


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