Noël Le Graët no longer has “the necessary legitimacy” to remain president, according to the audit report

Tututut… In the business multiplex at the head of the major French sports federations, we are back to football! The provisional report of the audit mission on the FFF was sent Monday to the leaders of the body, including President Noël Le Graët and Director General Florence Hardouin. Unsurprisingly, the content of this text from the General Inspectorate of Education, Sport and Research (IGESR) and commissioned by the Ministry of Sports, began to leak.

According to RMC Sport and AFP, the mission judges that Le Graët “no longer has the necessary legitimacy to administer and represent French football”, because of “his behavior” and “his statements” “towards women” but also “his statements public” and “failures in the governance of the FFF”.

As for Hardouin, currently laid off and recovering from a heart attack, she “is not very interested in certain areas such as amateur football and training and does not seek to improve her skills in this area”. Both now have ten days to respond to the charges, starting Monday.

The final document expected mid-February

The Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra and Philippe Diallo, vice-president of the FFF and current interim president since the withdrawal of Noël Le Graët, also received a version of this preliminary report, which sheds more light on the dysfunctions of the Federation.

The publication of the final and contradictory document is expected in mid-February. The executive committee of the FFF has indicated that it will wait for this moment to position itself on the fate of Le Graët, whose return to command now seems highly unlikely.



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