NFL: Sean McVay reflects on his future with the Los Angeles Rams

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – The worst season for defending Super Bowl champions in NFL history is finally over, and Sean McVay can finally catch his breath.

The Rams will do the same, time to find out if McVay will be with them on the road back to better days.

McVay said on Monday he will take an indefinite time to consider his future before whether or not to commit to leading the club for a seventh season.

He clearly plans to retire, in the wake of a first losing record for the Rams under his leadership (5-12).

“You don’t want to make a hasty decision,” said McVay, who turns 37 later this month. There are a lot of emotions right after the season. There are many factors. There are a lot of people it affects, and I don’t take it lightly.

“I’m going to take the next few days to really reflect and have conversations with various people.

“I want to come to the decision that is best for me, my family, the Rams and a lot of people. »

The youngest NFL head coach in six years seems torn about stepping away from a relentless football routine.

A routine that, by his own admission, is made worse by his controlling work habits and inability to delegate.

The youngest coach to win a Super Bowl has been dreaming for a few years of having a long break.

« Tom Brady has already said (how) he hopes his children will find something as exciting as football in his case, but that he would not wish this torment on anyone, said McVay. I really identify with that. »

The Rams have lost nine of their last 11 games, a year after winning the Super Bowl at their home stadium.

Any rebuilding can’t really begin until general manager Les Snead knows who the coach will be. If McVay leaves, there could be a whole new staff in charge.

McVay will take the time to chat with senior Rams brass, his coaching friends, his parents and his wife, Veronika.

“I’m very impulsive and not very patient,” McVay said. I will probably want to adjust my approach for a decision of such magnitude. »

He’s often spoken of exhaustion and frustration this season; this added to the stress from the death of his grandfather and worry about his wife’s family in Ukraine.

If McVay returns, he can count on the quarterback Matthew Stafford and the wide winger Cooper Coupthe Super Bowl’s Most Valuable Player last year.

Both have been out injured since November, but Stafford confirmed Monday that he will be back next season.

He has missed the last seven games with a spinal contusion.



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