NFL Playoffs: 5 bold predictions for Eagles vs Giants

Eagles (mandatory photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)

The Eagles were able to sit back and watch the playoffs last week, but here are five predictions for their performance against the Giants on Saturday night.

The New York Giants travel to Philadelphia on Saturday night with no expectations. The Philadelphia Eagles, on the other hand, need to eliminate New York from the postseason for their season to be considered a success. Nick Sirianni’s team is therefore in a precarious position at the start of this Divisional Round match on Saturday evening.

The good news for Eagles fans is that they have a more talented squad. Brian Daboll may make life difficult in Philadelphia with his innovative game plan, but the Giants still have their work cut out for them. Read on for five bold predictions for how this game will go for the Eagles.

Bold forecast for Eagles vs. Giants: Darius Slay will get an interception.

Slay only had three interceptions during the regular season, but his 73.1 PFF rating shows he’s an above-average starting corner. Daniel Jones has to be very careful when throwing the ball into Slay’s side.

Expect the veteran defender to up his game a notch or two for the post-season. He’s a guy who understands how to take advantage of the opposing quarterback’s mistakes. Jones has more than one mistake in his bag per game. One of those erroneous reads/raises will end up in Slay’s hands for a big turnover. The key for the Giants will be making sure they don’t give the Philadelphia offense short ground to exploit in the first quarter. That could knock New York out of this game before it really gets going.

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